1. OCT Companies

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    1. Comparative Biosciences

      Comparative Biosciences

      Comparative Biosciences offers OCT assessments in both ocular pharmacology studies and ocular toxicity studies in a research or regulatory environment.

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    2. Conavi Medical Inc.

      Conavi Medical Inc.

      Conavi Medical Inc. (Formely Colibri Technologies) is developing 3D imaging catheters that will provide image guidance during a wide variety of cardiovascular procedures. By creating a versatile, disposable and relatively ...

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    3. Cordis


      Cordis is a medical device company owned by Johnson & Johnson. The company was founded in Miami, Florida in 1959. Their products include stents, distal protection devices, catheters, and guidewires.

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    4. Corning

      Corning Incorporated is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Drawing on more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components ...

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    5. CorNova


      CorNova is a medical device company founded in 2003 that is headquartered in Burlington, MA with offices in Munich, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are focused on developing next-generation ...

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    6. Cylite


      Cylite Pty Ltd, a technology development company which is creating the next generation of imaging and metrology systems for ophthalmic and 3-D optical imaging markets is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. ...

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    7. D4D Technologies

      D4D Technologies

      D4D Technologies, a high-tech medical device company focused on 3D digitizing applications, successful entrepreneurship, and commercialization of new technologies, has taken the dental profession to a higher level of productivity, ...

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    8. Dalsa


      Dalsa. Line Scan Cameras. Dalsa is a Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacture of specialized electronic cameras. The company was founded in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1980 by ...

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    9. Damae Medical

      Damae Medical

      Damae Medical is a dermatology company.

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    10. Denali Photonics

      Denali Photonics

      Denali Photonics LLC is an organization in photonics industry to make technical innovation in photonics subsystems and components. We have experience of 60+ collective years including Ph. D. researches in ...

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    11. DenseLight Semiconductors

      DenseLight Semiconductors

      DenseLight Semiconductors. Sources (BB & Tunable). DenseLight owns and operates a state-of-the-art optical components manufacturing facility (including a 15,000 sq ft InP wafer fab), with the ability to design, manufacture, ...

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    12. Diagnostic Photonics

      Diagnostic Photonics

      Diagnostic Photonics (DxP) is a dynamic, medical device startup company that is developing a novel medical imaging technology for millions of Americans who need imaging procedures each year. Using ground-breaking ...

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    13. DWH Systems

      DWH Systems

      DWH Systems, Inc. is a technology and systems development company located in Seminole Florida. Expertise at DWH Systems include: Imaging systems development, software design and development, motion control and sensor ...

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    14. e2v


      e2v. Line Scan Camers. e2v is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of specialised components and subsystems, falling within two product groups: Electronic tubes & Sensors and Semiconductors including Line ...

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    15. ELCAN Optical Technologies

      ELCAN Optical Technologies

      ELCAN Optical Technologies is a fully integrated, global provider of precision optical and electronic solutions for Medical, Defense & Security, Industrial, Commercial and Entertainment customers. With a legacy spanning 157 ...

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