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    1. Adrian Bradu

      Adrian Bradu

      Adrian Bradu is a Research Associate in the Applied Optics Group (AOG), School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. He has published widely in the field of optical ...

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    2. Adrian G. Podoleanu

      Adrian G. Podoleanu

      Adrian G. Podoleanu is the head of Applied Optics Group and Professor of Biomedical Optics at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Adrian Podoleanu has joined the Applied Optics Group ...

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    3. Adrian H. Bachmann

      Adrian H. Bachmann was with the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.

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    4. Adrian Harwood

      Adrian Harwood

      Adrian Harwood is a professor in the School of Biosciences and Head of Innovation, Partnership, and Engagement at Cardiff University.

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    5. Adrian Manescu

      Adrian Manescu

      Adrian Manescu is with Marche Polytechnic University

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    6. Adrian Mariampillai

      Adrian Mariampillai is a graduate student in Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto working wiht Professor Alex Vitkin.

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    7. Ahmed AlSaggaf

      Ahmed AlSaggaf

      Ahmed AlSaggaf has been a Saudi Aramco sponsored PHD student in Solar and Photovoltaics Engineering Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2011. ...

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    8. Aiko Iwase

      Aiko Iwase is with the Department of Ophthalmology at Tajimi Municipal Hospital, Gifu Prefecture, in Japan.

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    9. Aizhu Tao

      Aizhu Tao is with the School of Ophthalmology and Optometry at Wenzhou Medical College in China and also with the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller ...

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    10. Ajay Sanan

      Ajay Sanan

      Ajay Sanan, MD, an ophthalmic surgeon at Pima Eye Institute and is a practicing ophthalmologist (Eye MD) in the Tucson, Arizona, area. He specializes in cataract and refractive surgery, particularly ...

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    11. Ake Tzu-Hui Lu

      Ake Tzu-Hui Lu

      Ake Lu is an assistant researcher in the Department of Human Genetics at University of California, Los Angeles. Her research interests include theoretical derivation in statistical models, computational statistics, biomedical ...

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    12. Akiko Matsumoto

      Akiko Matsumoto is with the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine and Topcon Corporation.

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    13. Akio Kuroi

      Akio Kuroi is at the department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Wakayama Medical University.

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    14. Akitaka Tsujikawa

      Akitaka Tsujikawa, MD, is with the Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

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    15. Akiyasu Kanamori

      Akiyasu Kanamori is with the Division of Ophthalmology, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan.

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