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    1. Publisher: this is Gloucestershire
      This technique will make a dramatic difference to our patients.
      - Hugh Barr in Revolutionary imaging device used to detect cancer - video
    2. Publisher: Photonics.com
      Our 64-chip MAPD array has been specifically designed for use with our LFS scintillation crystals in medical scanning applications.
      - A. Faouzi Zerrouk in Zecotek Photonics: Talented Team Brings Rapid Success
    3. Publisher: OSN Supersite
      This last point may be a little counterintuitive. The patients that need the most careful macular exam, the most careful scrutiny with OCT, are the patients with relatively good vision that you're considering operating on because they actually in many ways have the most to lose by the cataract operation.
      - Carmen A. Puliafito in Surgeon suggests using OCT for preop cataract evaluation to protect patient, physician
    4. Publisher: PrimeNewswire, Inc.
      OCT is ideally suited for use in dentistry as it provides high-resolution, chairside diagnostic imaging, in real time. Lantis' small handpiece scanner which employs patented state-of-the art MEMS technology, allows easy access to all parts of the oral cavity and ensures a user friendly interface with the OCT System.
      - Craig Gimbel in Lantis' OCT Dental Imaging System Uses Fast-Growing, Light-Based Technology
    5. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We researched all the leading optical coherence tomography platforms on the market today and chose Cirrus for several key reasons,...Based on our first-hand experience, Zeiss consistently delivers high quality technology and we were confident that Cirrus would keep with this longstanding tradition. The glaucoma analysis capabilities surpass those of any other platform. For our cataract and retina patients, the individual HD layer maps help us to uncover retinal pathologies and explain why a patient does not see as well as expected. Even with these expected benefits, we have been surprised by the utility and efficiency of this system and use it for a far greater percentage of our patients than we had originally predicted
      - Ajay Sanan in Carl Zeiss Meditec Reaches 1000 Cirrus™ Hd-oct Placements
    6. Publisher: PrimeNewswire, Inc.
      Even x-rays are not capable of imaging early decay in those tiny pits and fissures. OCT will drive a new generation of MID and every dental office will require an OCT System to diagnose and treat very early decay.
      - Craig Gimbel in Lantis Laser's OCT Dental Imaging System Will Drive the New Era of ...
    7. Publisher: Breaking News
      Because it is done with infrared light spectrum rather than artificial light, we can check the drain with the room lights on and off to know what patients experience in real dark and light settings.
      - Sanjay G. Asrani in New Device Saves Vision Before Glaucoma Hits
    8. Publisher: redorbit.com
      But when Andrew approached me, I thought that this would be perfect for the frogs - it can show us what is happening in the frogs' skin but it is non-invasive.
      - Mark R. Dickinson in Sunbathing Frog May Hold Clue To Deadly Disease
    9. Publisher: UWire
      Our primary objective is to develop noninvasive, early detection methods to diagnose various diseases.
      - Kirill V. Larin in U. Houston professor expands Optics research
    10. Publisher: PrimeNewswire, Inc.
      Phase 3 development, the last phase before commercial rollout, embodies a number of significant events in the evolution of OCT for dentistry.
      - Stan Baron in Lantis Laser Commences Phase 3 Development of Its OCT Light-Based Dental Imaging System
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