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    1. Publisher: Free Services for PR
      The race is on to reduce the cost of optical solutions for short reach interconnects to the level needed by high volume, mainstream computing applications.
      - Jürgen Kurb in Innolume Secures EUR 8.6 Million New Funding to Ramp up Production and Enhance Market Penetration of Quantum Dot Lasers
    2. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      Currently available ultrasound techniques can evaluate the cornea to the level of microns. By imaging the sulcus, ciliary body, and lens, the results are superior to OCT imaging.
      - In Ultrasound provides clearer picture of posterior segment
    3. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      One benefit of SD-OCT is the creation of the summed voxel projection [SVP], which is helpful for orientation of individual OCT scans. One can collapse three-dimensional OCT volumes along the depth axis to form a two-dimensional plane, summing pixels to calculate one representative pixel intensity alone each line in the projection.
      - Cynthia A. Toth in Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography an improvement over previous optical coherence tomography systems
    4. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      The system we used for determining the risk index for glaucoma is a fully automated system.
      - Jörg Meier in Automated system separates glaucomatous, healthy eyes
    5. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      With this system, by increasing the light source band width and by increasing the scan rate by 25-fold, the entire macula can be imaged with an axial resolution of 4 to 4.5 µm. This increased axial resolution allows the individual layers of the retina to be visualized better.
      - Susanna S. Park in Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography allows improved visualization of retinal layers
    6. Publisher: PrimeNewswire, Inc.
      The concept of macro imaging, micro imaging and nano imaging with OCT can provide dentists with the diagnostic aid needed to practice minimally invasive dentistry and transition to the medical model -- find disease early and treat it early. The possibilities presented by OCT technology and new research findings are very exciting and Lantis will continue to pursue relationships with research institutions where these concepts are being developed for commercial implementation.
      - Stan Baron in Lantis' OCT Dental Imaging System Capable of Providing Array of Diagnostic Scanning Modalities
    7. Publisher: this is Gloucestershire
      This technique will make a dramatic difference to our patients.
      - Hugh Barr in Revolutionary imaging device used to detect cancer - video
    8. Publisher: Photonics.com
      Our 64-chip MAPD array has been specifically designed for use with our LFS scintillation crystals in medical scanning applications.
      - A. Faouzi Zerrouk in Zecotek Photonics: Talented Team Brings Rapid Success
    9. Publisher: OSN Supersite
      This last point may be a little counterintuitive. The patients that need the most careful macular exam, the most careful scrutiny with OCT, are the patients with relatively good vision that you're considering operating on because they actually in many ways have the most to lose by the cataract operation.
      - Carmen A. Puliafito in Surgeon suggests using OCT for preop cataract evaluation to protect patient, physician
    10. Publisher: PrimeNewswire, Inc.
      OCT is ideally suited for use in dentistry as it provides high-resolution, chairside diagnostic imaging, in real time. Lantis' small handpiece scanner which employs patented state-of-the art MEMS technology, allows easy access to all parts of the oral cavity and ensures a user friendly interface with the OCT System.
      - Craig Gimbel in Lantis' OCT Dental Imaging System Uses Fast-Growing, Light-Based Technology
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