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    1. Publisher: ophmanagement.com
      I think that in future iterations we will be able to have focal assessment of change, looking at the overall trend as in regression, but also looking at event analysis, analogous to the GPA on visual field.
      - Joel S. Schuman in Better Glaucoma Progression Tracking
    2. Publisher: money.cnn.com
      We are also excited about the potential of our CardioSpectra acquisition and its Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology as a complement to our IVUS offerings. Our product development program for this technology is on track and we hope to have our first offering in this area available for launch in the United States and Europe next year.
      - Scott Huennekens in Volcano Reports 35 Percent Increase in Quarterly Revenues; Ivus ...
    3. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      The advantages of nanoparticles are that you can bind them to anything you want to and they can be designed to have really good contrast. You can't do this with fluorophores, for example. They just fluoresce at certain wavelengths.
      - Dirk J. Faber in Tiny treatments promise big results
    4. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      After neurosurgeons remove a tumor from the brain the areas around where the tumor was removed from are more susceptible to developing further cancers.
      - Dennis Matthews in Tiny treatments promise big results
    5. Publisher: eMaxHealth.com
      Our preliminary data show that the inside of the blood vessel with this polymer-coated stent heals almost perfectly within 30 days, whereas with a drug-eluting stent, the blood vessel healing takes many months, if it ever happens.
      - Corrado Tamburino in Super-Thin Drug-Free Coating Unblocks Heart Arteries
    6. Publisher: Medical News Today
      We are very excited about the breakthrough in image quality that this system offers.
      - Colin Hopper in Successful OCT Imaging Of Oral Cancer Tissue Announced By MDL And UCH, UK
    7. Publisher: Medical Physics
      We are very excited about the breakthrough in image quality that this system offers.
      - Colin Hopper in OCT market set for rapid growth
    8. Publisher: Reuters.com
      This research shows that the application of OCT in dentistry enables dentists to obtain views of tissue that have been hitherto unobtainable. Once in the hands of dentists many other applications, apart from the early detection of oral diseases such as decay, will become evident and show that OCT will become indispensable in the dental office as it raises imaging and diagnostics to a new level.
      - Stan Baron in Lantis Laser's Dental Imaging Technology Could Reduce Incidence of Root Canal Therapy Failures
    9. Publisher: Manchester Evening News
      It will dramatically speed up the diagnosis process, meaning we do not need to take tissue samples and wait for them to be tested, and in some cases, avoid the need for exploratory surgery.
      - Mark R. Dickinson in Laser that 'sees' through skin
    10. Publisher: University at Buffalo
      MRI has advanced our ability to measure tissue injury in MS, but the technology cannot specifically measure changes in axonal integrity.
      - Bianca Weinstock-Guttman in Inexpensive Glaucoma Assessment Tool Can Track MS Activity
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