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    1. Publisher: retinalphysician.com
      Bioptigen allows you to sum up multiple images of a particular cut.
      - In New Technology: Bioptigen SDOCT Boosts Flexibility
    2. Publisher: retinalphysician.com
      But for other diseases where maybe it's a more subtle disruption of say, the photoreceptor layer, it might be very valuable.
      - Joseph Carroll in New Technology: Bioptigen SDOCT Boosts Flexibility
    3. Publisher: retinalphysician.com
      We have protocol-driven software, so the practice can set up a series of images that they want to do repeatedly and, with one click, load a series of image scan settings that they want to take and have their photographer run through them very quickly.
      - Eric L. Buckland in New Technology: Bioptigen SDOCT Boosts Flexibility
    4. Publisher: PR Newswire
      Our goal at Tomophase is to use our proprietary optical technology to help clinicians image subsurface pulmonary tissue at a level of resolution currently unavailable, while not exposing the patient to potentially harmful radiation, UV light or contrast agents.
      - Peter E. Norris in Tomophase to Exhibit First In-vivo Cross-sectional Images of Pulmonary Stenting Using Proprietary OCT System
    5. Publisher: pharmiweb.com
      I am very happy with the 12-month results of the LEADERS study, which confirm the 9-month results. The Biosensors drug eluting stent, combining the novel biolimus drug and an abluminal biodegradable polymer, is a very promising technology for our patients long term benefit
      - Patrick W. Serruys in iosensors DES Demonstrates Superior Strut Coverage to Industry Leading DES
    6. Publisher: Science Daily
      OCT may answer longstanding questions about the relationship between vulnerable plaque and the risk of heart attack.
      - So-Yeon Choi in Vulnerable Plaque May Be Easier To Detect Through New Imaging Technology
    7. Publisher: Photonics.com
      This technique could possibly augment traditional methods of deep-tissue molecular imaging with a relatively high resolution.
      - Melissa C. Skala in Heating Up Microscopy
    8. Publisher: Photonics.com
      The use of metal nanoparticles as contrast agents with photothermal OCT technology could lead to a host of potential clinical applications.
      - Joseph A. Izatt in Heating Up Microscopy
    9. Publisher: zeiss.de
      Mr Taylor has been instrumental in making Meditec one of the leading companies in the field of ophthalmology in the past few years. My sincere thanks are due to him for his effort and dedication. I am pleased that Mr Taylor will continue to support us in the role of independent consultant and that we will be able to draw on his experience in future. Furthermore, I am convinced that we are ideally set with our current team to accelerate the proposed realisation of growth potential of Carl Zeiss Meditec.
      - Michael Kaschke in Carl Zeiss Meditec reorganises management of its strategic business units
    10. Publisher: optics.org
      Fourier domain modelocked swept-source OCT can allow a 20 kHz sweep, and capture 20 images per second.
      - James G. Fujimoto in Fujimoto plenary gets Photon '08 going
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