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    1. Publisher: Science Daily
      OCT may answer longstanding questions about the relationship between vulnerable plaque and the risk of heart attack.
      - So-Yeon Choi in Vulnerable Plaque May Be Easier To Detect Through New Imaging Technology
    2. Publisher: Photonics.com
      This technique could possibly augment traditional methods of deep-tissue molecular imaging with a relatively high resolution.
      - Melissa C. Skala in Heating Up Microscopy
    3. Publisher: Photonics.com
      The use of metal nanoparticles as contrast agents with photothermal OCT technology could lead to a host of potential clinical applications.
      - Joseph A. Izatt in Heating Up Microscopy
    4. Publisher: zeiss.de
      Mr Taylor has been instrumental in making Meditec one of the leading companies in the field of ophthalmology in the past few years. My sincere thanks are due to him for his effort and dedication. I am pleased that Mr Taylor will continue to support us in the role of independent consultant and that we will be able to draw on his experience in future. Furthermore, I am convinced that we are ideally set with our current team to accelerate the proposed realisation of growth potential of Carl Zeiss Meditec.
      - Michael Kaschke in Carl Zeiss Meditec reorganises management of its strategic business units
    5. Publisher: optics.org
      Fourier domain modelocked swept-source OCT can allow a 20 kHz sweep, and capture 20 images per second.
      - James G. Fujimoto in Fujimoto plenary gets Photon '08 going
    6. Publisher: Free Services for PR
      The race is on to reduce the cost of optical solutions for short reach interconnects to the level needed by high volume, mainstream computing applications.
      - Jürgen Kurb in Innolume Secures EUR 8.6 Million New Funding to Ramp up Production and Enhance Market Penetration of Quantum Dot Lasers
    7. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      Currently available ultrasound techniques can evaluate the cornea to the level of microns. By imaging the sulcus, ciliary body, and lens, the results are superior to OCT imaging.
      - In Ultrasound provides clearer picture of posterior segment
    8. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      One benefit of SD-OCT is the creation of the summed voxel projection [SVP], which is helpful for orientation of individual OCT scans. One can collapse three-dimensional OCT volumes along the depth axis to form a two-dimensional plane, summing pixels to calculate one representative pixel intensity alone each line in the projection.
      - Cynthia A. Toth in Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography an improvement over previous optical coherence tomography systems
    9. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      The system we used for determining the risk index for glaucoma is a fully automated system.
      - Jörg Meier in Automated system separates glaucomatous, healthy eyes
    10. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      With this system, by increasing the light source band width and by increasing the scan rate by 25-fold, the entire macula can be imaged with an axial resolution of 4 to 4.5 µm. This increased axial resolution allows the individual layers of the retina to be visualized better.
      - Susanna S. Park in Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography allows improved visualization of retinal layers
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