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    1. Publisher: telegraphjournal.com
      We will be able to provide as good a treatment as anyone can...It will be state-of-the-art treatment right here.
      - Dan Polya in Health Province provides $550,000 to buy specialized equipment
    2. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      As we become more familiar with SD-OCT and increasingly aware of the capabilities of this imaging technique, I think that we are learning more about disease states, which, in turn, allows us to become better diagnosticians.
      - Jeffrey S. Heier in Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography has practical applications in the diagnosis, management of retinal disease
    3. Publisher: OSN Supersite
      Issues in ophthalmology in India are different from that in other countries. “The great controversies, I think, are not regarding which phaco machine, ultrasound mode, tip shape or size to use, but rather which is the safest, quickest and most economical technique to eradicate mass blindness due to cataract
      - Soosan Jacob in Ophthalmic innovator balances love of surgery, research and teaching
    4. Publisher: docguide.com
      This stent is not thick, is not sticky, doesn't crack, and doesn't break.
      - Corrado Tamburino in Cobalt-Chromium Stent With "Cloak" Coating Significantly Reduces Restenosis: Presented at ISET
    5. Publisher: OSN Supersite
      I think measuring the hole is very helpful to determine your success rate, and smaller holes close better than bigger holes.
      - Jay S. Duker in OCT useful for measuring macular holes before closure surgery
    6. Publisher: eyeworld.org
      Owning expensive machines will not help you if you cannot make the diagnosis with a clinical exam
      - Douglas J. Rhee in Great debaters take center stage: Reporting live from the 2008 AAO meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
    7. Publisher: newscientist.com
      It's extremely inexpensive compared to other tests.
      - Denise A. Valenti in Eyes reveal health secrets of the brain
    8. Publisher: newscientist.com
      Multiple Sclerosis researchers are very excited about OCT.
      - Laura J. Balcer in Eyes reveal health secrets of the brain
    9. Publisher: opticianonline.net
      The ability to look beyond the retinal surface into the sub-retinal layers presents us with diagnostic opportunities not seen before and provides the clinician with the ability to detect eye diseases much earlier.
      - Andy Yorke in OCT will be a draw at show
    10. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      I found the MedTech Tour Summit extremely useful: the high standard of presenting companies at different stages of their business development provided insights into how I need to position Michelson Diagnostics for an investment. I also made contact with several interested investors and advisors, and discussions are progressing.
      - Jon Holmes in Michelson Diagnostics is Singled Out for Growth
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