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    1. Publisher: Maine news, sports, obituaries, weather
      It's been very interesting. We've gone from the same technology as for telecommunications to manufacturing and now medical imaging.
      - Dale Flanders in A high-tech homecoming: Entrepreneur returns to Maine with an eye toward economic development ‘the right way’
    2. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      The hardware of all SD-OCT units is basically the same.
      - Yale L. Fisher in SD-OCT provides improvement in imaging compared with TD-OCT
    3. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      For each of these significant advances, there have always been people who have adopted the technology early and said, 'My machine is better than your machine.' In reality, however, it comes down to individual needs. It's like buying a car. You don't buy a sports car if you need a mini-van. Once you analyze your needs, you can arrive at a good decision about what kind of imaging machine to buy for your practice
      - Yale L. Fisher in SD-OCT provides improvement in imaging compared with TD-OCT
    4. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      I don't think we're having a rash of acute angle-closure glaucomas that we're missing. We're catching these on gonioscopy....With regard to progression, expensive toys have not yet reduced their variability to the point where significant clinical intervention is decided on by anything other than IOP, visual field, or optic nerve
      - Douglas J. Rhee in Physician still most important 'diagnostic imager'
    5. Publisher: Google
      We can see just amazing things in these young children's eyes that we never suspected.
      - Cynthia A. Toth in Testing tool to better detect premature baby eye disease
    6. Publisher: Yahoo! Finance
      Carl Zeiss Meditec received the highest overall Frost & Sullivan Competitive Metrics Score in the recently completed Strategic Analysis of Optical Imaging Technologies in U.S. Clinical Diagnostics Markets.
      - In Frost & Sullivan Lauds Carl Zeiss Meditec for Dominating the OCT Market for Ophthalmic Applications
    7. Publisher: Photonics.com
      Covega comes to the Thorlabs family with a new suite of optical technologies that Thorlabs looks forward to offering to its diverse customer base. We are committed to ensuring continued access to the broad array of products that Covega currently manufacturers.
      - Alex E. Cable in Thorlabs Acquires Covega
    8. Publisher: ptca.org
      Three years ago, you could flip through the ACC program and see a couple of presentations on intravascular assessment using IVUS or FFR. This year, there are more than 50 presentations, case reviews and abstracts focused on FFR, IVUS, OCT, Forward-Looking IVUS, and VH® IVUS plaque composition. Word is getting out that more precise guidance during PCI is important, and the sheer number of talks focused on higher resolution tools, highlight the increased demand for access to these technologies. The strategy that relied on angiography alone is evolving to include better confirmation of disease severity and stenting technique. The economic environment that our healthcare system faces is demanding that we target the right patients, and that we get it right the first time.
      - Joe Burnett in Volcano Announces Schedule of Events at the ACC 2009, Integration into Indec and Medis Software Platforms
    9. Publisher: Newswise
      No matter how high the resolution is of an image you can miss the pathology for diabetic retinopathy if the contrast isn't there ...By doing more scans with better contrast we not only improve our ability to affect a large proportion of people who are unaware they have diabetes, but we also improve diagnostics for that demographic of the population that have small pupils or that have dark eyes, attributes that make detection more difficult.
      - Ann E. Elsner in Researcher's Company, New Device Looks to Prevent Vision Loss in Diabetes Patients
    10. Publisher: MarketWatch.com
      NIR Imaging is the perfect technology to integrate with Lantis' OCT Dental Imaging System(tm), currently under development, as it can be used to screen for decay and defects in teeth and OCT can then be used to obtain more detailed microstructural information to aid in diagnostic decisions. We believe that the significant benefits of the integrated system will be very apparent to dentists. NIR and OCT use the same light source so there are obvious pricing economies in a combined system.
      - Stan Baron in Lantis Signs Exclusive Rights in Dentistry for Novel Light-Based Diagnostic Screening Technology
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