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    1. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      The real advantage of en face OCT is the ability to slice and dice the images throughout their entire depth, from the choroid to the vitreous.
      - Philip J. Rosenfeld in Discover the value of en face OCT imaging on retinal diseases
    2. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      En face OCT imaging became clinically useful with the advent of high-speed, high-density, spectral domain OCT raster-scanning techniques.
      - Philip J. Rosenfeld in Discover the value of en face OCT imaging on retinal diseases
    3. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Our goal with MicroAngio is to provide a flexible tool that can be used in an optimal fashion for a wide range of applications...MicroAngio comes with customized probes and fixtures for small animal retinal, dorsal window chamber and brain imaging. We also provide a suite of algorithms for data analysis essential for angiographic imaging.”
      - Nishant Mohan in Wasatch Photonics launches label-free angiography technique based on optical coherence tomography
    4. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      In the majority of cases it is clinically and dermoscopically possible to differentiate between AK and BCC, but there are difficult situations, especially in early cases or during topical therapy, where the diagnosis, grading, subtype and/or lesion thickness is unclear...This data published shows that VivoSight OCT is not only able to differentiate between the two diseases by means of epidermal thickness and signal intensity measurements but also able to be used as a non-invasive technique to determine and monitor the treatment. This technology significantly improves the diagnostic methods currently used resulting in better outcomes for patients.
      - Julia Welzel in Study shows VivoSight OCT is able to differentiate between actinic keratosis (AK) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) by quantification of signal intensity and layer thickness
    5. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      We are thrilled to announce FDA clearance of our AngioVue System, which will bring the significant benefits of our innovative, non-invasive retinal imaging to patients in the U.S. who suffer from retinal diseases that lead to progressive blindness...Since we first introduced this technology to markets outside the U.S. fourteen months ago, the technology is in daily clinical use at over 525 clinical sites where it provides a more patient-friendly approach to diseases of the retina that lead to progressive blindness.
      - Jay Wei in Optovue’s AngioVue Imaging System Receives FDA Clearance
    6. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      In the field of OCT imaging and biometry, size, price and operating power are three critical elements to commercialization in mass market applications...Our MRO system is the first version of OCT with the size, cost and operating power profile to address high volume applications in areas such as mobile personal health monitoring and biometric security.
      - Don Bogue in Compact Imaging/NUI Galway Research Featured At Global Photonics Conference in San Francisco
    7. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      The clinical benefit to the patient and the work flow to clinics have been a major impact to society.
      - Jay Wei in Optical Coherence Tomography Industry Has Provided Well Over 20,000 Person-Years of Direct Employment
    8. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      OCT is a big saver of healthcare dollars – the guidance of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapy in age-related macular degeneration alone saves billions of dollars per year by avoiding unnecessary injections.
      - David Huang in Optical Coherence Tomography Industry Has Provided Well Over 20,000 Person-Years of Direct Employment
    9. Publisher: Bryn Mawr Communications
      “Now we’re at a precipice of potentially a new frontier...This technology means that retina doctors are “seeing things we never thought we would see” and “seeing things maybe we don’t even know how to interpret.
      - Peter K. Kaiser in Brave New World: OCT Angiography A Video: Dr. Reichel Reviews OCTA with Drs. Prenner and Kaiser
    10. Publisher: Photonics Online
      This is a newsworthy application for those working in the ICU..."Infection is an ever-present risk, and an easier way to check for biofilm could see such checks done more often and infection rates lowered, which would be a great outcome.
      - David D. Sampson in OCT May Speed Detection Of Pneumonia-Related Bacteria In ICU Patients, Reports Journal Of Biomedical Optics
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