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    1. Publisher: prweb.com
      This award will enable Dr. Fujimoto's lab to move beyond structural imaging of the eye to develop and demonstrate functional optical coherence tomography.
      - In Beckman Foundation Names Dr. James G. Fujimoto of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as 2017 Beckman-Argyros Vision Research Award Winner
    2. Publisher: EuroTimes
      Combining en-face OCT with movement detection within blood vessels, we get OCT-A, and with it a new imaging era.
      - Eric H. Souied in Optical coherence tomography angiography
    3. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Obtaining the Category III CPT code for OCT of the skin is an important step towards our goal of obtaining reimbursement and coverage, and we welcome the new codes that can be used by clinicians to record their clinical use of VivoSight OCT in their practice.
      - Jon Holmes in Michelson Diagnostics Secures CPT codes for Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Skin
    4. Publisher: PhysOrg.com
      We showed that you can take effectively any OCT system out there and, with minimal changes, boost its resolution to the point where it can detect anatomical features smaller than the size of a typical cell.
      - Adam de la Zerda in Scientists turbocharge high-resolution, 3-D imaging
    5. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
      We're close to an easy-to-use, handheld optical coherence tomography (OCT) device for the operating room, but it still needs to be cheaper, lighter, and able to adapt to eye changes in the first 3 years of life.
      - In Top advances over past 25 years see growth in diagnostics, increased use of genetic testing
    6. Publisher: PressReleasePoint
      We are extraordinarily proud of this year's awardees.
      - In A group of 28 students affiliated with the University of Arizona has received the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
    7. Publisher: PressReleasePoint
      The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship is extremely competitive, and receiving this number of awards testifies to the high quality of our graduate student body in general and to the promise of these students in particular.
      - In A group of 28 students affiliated with the University of Arizona has received the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
    8. Publisher: GlobeNewswire, Inc.
      This honor highlights the commitment Avinger has to bring the most advanced technology to market for physicians dedicated to treating PAD and their patients who are affected by this disease...Pantheris radically changes the treatment of vascular disease and the Edison Award represents a win for our entire Lumivascular portfolio.
      - John B. Simpson in Avinger’s Pantheris Named a 2017 Gold Edison Award Winner
    9. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      While we have been actively advancing our lesion assessment technology for the last two years, we are very pleased to see that the significant Series B investment will give MedLumics the means to complete our best-in-class product, conduct a series of international clinical trials to prove its safety and efficacy, and market it to specialist centers. As the company advances and grows into new areas, we will now expand and develop the team internationally.
      - Eduardo Margallo Balbás in MedLumics Secures 34.4 Million Euros in Series B Funding for OCT Guided Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
    10. Publisher: EurekAlert!
      The combination of MSOT and OCT can shape the way physicians look at the esophagus in the near future.
      - In Easier diagnosis of esophageal cancer
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