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    1. Publisher: pratt.duke.edu
      When President Bush said he looked Vladimir Putin in the eye and got a sense of his soul, he was actually on to something...The retina is part of the central nervous system, and there is a lot you can learn by looking at it in detail.
      - Sina Farsiu in Sina Farsiu: Biomedical Engineer Processes an Avalanche of Images
    2. Publisher: pratt.duke.edu
      Advancements in medical imaging hardware are both a blessing and a curse. The technology is extremely valuable, but it is also creating so much data that clinicians don’t have the time or the capacity to handle it all...We want to make automated algorithms that can condense the data into a few quantified measures that clinicians can use to make better diagnoses.
      - Sina Farsiu in Sina Farsiu: Biomedical Engineer Processes an Avalanche of Images
    3. Publisher: Wiley Online Library
      Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) was used by 15% of respondents, up from 2% in 2007. Notably, 43% of those anticipating purchasing specialist equipment in the next 12 months planned to buy an OCT
      - In A survey of current and anticipated use of standard and specialist equipment by UK optometrists
    4. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      We show that quantitative flow imaging can provide a lot of useful physiological and functional information that we haven’t had access to before.
      - Yingtian Pan in This is Your Brain's Blood Vessels on Cocaine
    5. Publisher: EurekAlert!
      With the Spectralis instrument, changes in retinal and optic nerve head anatomy can be monitored in astronauts on the ISS.
      - In Collaboration aims to reduce, treat vision problems in astronauts
    6. Publisher: vetmed.illinois.edu
      Given the promising results in laboratory animal and clinical studies, we are hoping to bring this technology into the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for imaging during cancer surgery in animals.
      - In Optical Coherence Tomography Advances Veterinary Cancer Treatment
    7. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      With respect to the planned Axsun divestiture, this decision was driven by our long-term strategy to focus on coronary imaging and physiology leadership, peripheral expansion, profitability and business scale. The Axsun business and financial model is no longer a strategic fit with Volcano. We greatly appreciate the significant contributions of the Axsun team to Volcano over the past several years.
      - Scott Huennekens in Volcano Corporation to Divest Axsun and Settle All Ongoing Litigation with St. Jude
    8. Publisher: optics.org
      I would like to thank Julian Blogh, both personally and on behalf of Gooch & Housego, for his wisdom and guidance as chairman over the past eight years, during which time the company has developed significantly.
      - In Gooch & Housego sets up CEO succession
    9. Publisher: ptca.org
      This partnership is a significant milestone in the transformation of ACIST, and will help us to achieve rapid and significant penetration of the U.S. market.
      - In Medtronic Enters the FFR and IVUS Technology Field With ACIST Co-Promotion
    10. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      Neurophotonics provides a highly visible focal point to facilitate and accelerate the rapidly expanding impact of this discipline.
      - In SPIE launches 'Neurophotonics' journal with special section on BRAIN Initiative
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