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    1. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      AngioVue technology has given physicians, for the first time, the ability to visualize blood vessels in the individual layers of the retina, without injections of dye...This visualization information provides physicians with a compelling new way to manage patients affected by wet age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness. We expect similar contributions to the management of diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of blindness in diabetic patients.
      - Jay Wei in Optovue Announces USD30 Million Private Equity Investment Agreement with Delta to Fuel Continued Innovation
    2. Publisher: Radiology Today Magazine
      We envision that the OCT would be aimed at the area being operated on, and the surgeon could look at a screen to get a continuously updated picture of where the cancer is—and isn't.
      - In 'Ultrasound Using Light' May Aid Tumor Removal
    3. Publisher: PR Newswire
      We're thrilled to present the 2015 Barancik Prize to Drs. Balcer, Calabresi and Frohman.
      - In Leading Edge Collaboration in Eye-Related Research Earns Investigators at NYU Langone Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, and the UT Southwestern Medical Center the 2015 Barancik Prize for Innovation in MS Research
    4. Publisher: PBS: Public Broadcasting Service
      Any state of disease will alter the cells and molecules in our body...leaving a distinct optical scattering signature.” The new device senses cancer cells’ unique signatures, letting surgeons know which areas around the tumor are cancerous and which are safe to leave alone.
      - Stephen A. Boppart in Flashlight-Sized Probe Can Spot Cancer Cells in Real Time
    5. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Because of MRO’s ability to noninvasively deliver sub-dermal information and CI’s substantial IP foundation, we expect to play an important role in the field...That will enable us to leverage the contributions of our research collaborations with the Irish Photonic Integration Center (IPIC) for miniaturizing the MRO system and the Tissue Optics and Microcirculation Imaging (TOMI) labs at NUI Galway, where longer term application research is underway.
      - Don Bogue in Compact Imaging Co-founder/CTO Will Present at London Biometrics Conference
    6. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Compact Imaging’s MRO technology is a highly disruptive system that offers a greater than 100 times reduction in size and cost compared to conventional OCT systems...MRO opens a wide range of new biological and non-biological imaging and analysis applications to OCT’s powerful depth scanning capabilities.
      - Don Bogue in Compact Imaging Granted 15th Patent for Miniature, Low-Cost OCT Technology
    7. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      These promising results show the potential of optical imaging to guide minimally invasive therapeutic procedures and improve accuracy and patient safety...“Thanks to the years of development built into our technology, we are in a position to introduce this innovation into a practical RF ablation product.
      - Eduardo Margallo Balbás in MedLumics Technology Validated for Real-time Assessment of Catheter Ablation Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation in Pre-clinical Feasibility Study
    8. Publisher: Photonics.com
      For U.K. manufacturing to make [the]most of the opportunities in health care photonics, it is essential to reduce the barriers that are preventing innovation from moving beyond the laboratory and into health care devices for patients.
      - In Clinicians Demand More From Optical Devices
    9. Publisher: Photonics.com
      The first surgical microscope was developed by Zeiss more than 50 years ago and OCT was also first brought to ophthalmology by Zeiss.
      - In Clinicians Demand More From Optical Devices
    10. Publisher: Photonics.com
      Intraoperative OCT and multimodal imaging are rapidly evolving fields within ophthalmic surgery and offer excellent development opportunities for young professionals to shape future Zeiss products and tangibly help doctors reach even better outcomes for their patients.
      - In Clinicians Demand More From Optical Devices
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