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    1. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Surgeons should have the choice of the best and most innovative products to maximize clinical outcomes, manage their data, and optimize their workflow...That is why we agreed to expand our customer reach in the United States by making our products available additionally through Abbott.
      - Ludwin Monz in Abbott Expands Cataract Surgery Product Portfolio through U.S. Distribution Agreement with Carl Zeiss Meditec
    2. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      The concept of Heidelberg Engineering has always been to offer system platforms that customers can expand and upgrade with modules as needed, that are flexible and able grow with the organization...Our strategy to offer sustainable solutions has proven to be highly relevant to customers and it makes sense to follow this pathway with HEYEX PACS. Whether you want to integrate into major IT-infrastructures, interface with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, review imaging data from mobile devices or centralize all data; the possibilities will be virtually unlimited. Our goal is to enhance the performance and workflow efficiency of eye care professionals. I am confident that this will translate into better patient care and practice growth.
      - Kester Nahen in HEYEX PACS™: The Next Generation Image Management and Device Integration Platform
    3. Publisher: The Times of India
      While technology helps understand heart blocks better, FFR and OCT imaging techniques have completely changed the management scenario.
      - In Cardiologists at Chennai hospital combine two latest techniques to treat heart block
    4. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Our VivoSight OCT scanner is already proving popular with Dermatologists who are keen to deliver the best possible care to their non-melanoma skin cancer patients, and based on this initial feedback I am sure that the new improved probe with Micro-Camera will further accelerate the adoption of VivoSight OCT as a standard tool for the practising Dermatologist.
      - Jon Holmes in Michelson Diagnostics launches new improved version of VivoSight OCT scanner with Micro-Camera to aid skin cancer diagnosis
    5. Publisher: IIS7
      I am very pleased and honored that my work has received such recognition from the NIH.
      - In Prof. Christine Hendon Wins $2.4 Million in Funding with NIH 2014 New Innovator Award | Electrical Engineering
    6. Publisher: IIS7
      We aim to demonstrate that Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) can address unmet clinical needs of cardiac imaging by providing cellular-level imaging of the myocardium.
      - In Prof. Christine Hendon Wins $2.4 Million in Funding with NIH 2014 New Innovator Award | Electrical Engineering
    7. Publisher: PR Newswire
      This study, along with others sure to come, could change the way we test patients with carotid artery disease.
      - In New Imaging Tool May Allow Tailoring of Stroke Prevention to Each Patient
    8. Publisher: businesswire.com
      Shareholders have suffered through a prolonged period of material underperformance due to management’s overly optimistic business plans and its inability to identify and react to changing market conditions
      - In Engaged Capital Sends Letter to the Board of Volcano Corporation
    9. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Orion is our flagship product targeted at reading centers burdened with the laborious task of manual segmentation, CROs running clinical trials lacking relevant imaging-based biomarkers, and clinical researchers overwhelmed by data and hamstrung by the limited image analysis tools available...It is the most advanced OCT analysis software package available today, and our road map is comprehensive, including change analysis in the next release.
      - Jonathan D. Oakley in Orion is in Beta - Voxeleron prepares the release of their advanced OCT analysis software
    10. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      As the interventional cardiology landscape has shifted to the treatment of more complex patients, intravascular imaging and fractional flow reserve have emerged as critical tools for enabling physicians to make more informed treatment decisions during PCI... “By integrating these tools directly into cath lab infrastructure, we can enhance access to technology and have them readily available during PCI procedures.
      - Gregg W. Stone in St. Jude Medical Announces Launch of OPTIS Integrated System
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