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    1. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      we are very proud of the fact that our systems development work allows ELAN Vascular to take their application to trial on diseased animals with the goals of the development project meet 100%.
      - Douglas Hamilton in Real-time OCT guidance of an ablation laser for advancement in the fight of atherosclerotic cardio-vascular disease
    2. Publisher: Duke Today
      Ultimately, our goal is to try to understand how this pathway influences cardiac hypertrophy, not only within the context of specific conditions like Noonan syndrome, but also in the more general context of hypertension and high blood pressure, with the hopes of finding new targets to treat this disease.
      - In Scientists Identify Genetic Cues for a Big Heart
    3. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Jon Holmes, Co-Founder, Michelson Diagnostics, added: “delighted that Andy has joined the team at Michelson as CEO. Our ability to attract a CEO with such impressive credentials is a testament both to the team’s achievements to date and to the potential commercial opportunity of the VivoSight OCT system in non-melanoma skin cancer. With Andy now on board to spearhead our commercial growth, I look forward to driving the VivoSight OCT technology development and clinical validation into other clinical applications where we believe it can make a significant impact on patient diagnosis and treatment monitoring.
      - Jon Holmes in Andy Hill Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Michelson Diagnostics
    4. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Our miniature OCT architecture, MRO™, can be implemented within the size, cost and power requirements of mobile and wearable devices...These new patents further expand our IP coverage of the space, providing partners and licensees robust protection for the investments they make in bringing products that incorporate MRO™ sensors to market.
      - Don Bogue in Compact Imaging Granted Three New Patents for Miniature OCT Technology
    5. Publisher: Crain's Cleveland Business
      Innovation in health care is an ongoing journey for all of us. The current state of change in the health care environment provides many opportunities to be more pioneering with our roles in providing the highest-quality care and most personalized experiences for our patients.
      - Marco A. Costa in University Hospitals names Marco A. Costa as vice president and chief
    6. Publisher: Crain's Cleveland Business
      Marco epitomizes the ideal of a global physician-scientist who is, at heart, an innovator. He combines a scientific mindset with creativity to achieve extraordinary results.
      - In University Hospitals names Marco A. Costa as vice president and chief
    7. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We are excited to add these two highly accomplished industry and academic leaders to round out our Board. Their strategic support and guidance will be key as we continue to advance our ophthalmology pipeline toward commercialization including our lead product candidate, EBI-005.
      - In Eleven Biotherapeutics Appoints Barry Gertz, MD, PhD, and Jay S. Duker, MD, to Board of Directors
    8. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      We are very pleased to receive this award from the NCBiotech Center... The work advanced under this loan will bring ophthalmic surgeons a step closer to realizing the full potential of intrasurgical OCT.
      - Eric L. Buckland in Bioptigen Awarded $458,000 from North Carolina Biotechnology Center to Advance Intrasurgical OCT System Development
    9. Publisher: TheHorse
      I would recommend OCT together with arthroscopy in all situations as soon as there are enough studies (on their combined use) and it is available in veterinary medicine at a reasonable price.
      - In Vets Test Optical Coherence Tomography in Horse Joints
    10. Publisher: prweb.com
      The USC Eye Institute is pioneering the development of novel treatments for eye diseases that cause vision loss and contributing critical scientific knowledge to advance the field of ophthalmology.
      - Carmen A. Puliafito in USC Eye Institute Adds 12 Faculty Physician Scientists in 2014
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