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    1. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Conavi is delighted to receive approval for the clinical use of the Novasight Hybrid System in Canada and are thankful to the many researchers, clinicians, patients, employees and other stakeholders that made this milestone possible.
      - Brian K. Courtney in Conavi Medical Announces Health Canada Approval of Novasight Hybrid System for Visualization During Coronary Angioplasty Procedures
    2. Publisher: School of Engineering
      Being named a Fellow is a great honor, and I am in very illustrious company.
      - Audrey K. Bowden in Biomedical engineering professor named a Fellow of optics society
    3. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      We are very excited and honored to partner with the team at Adachi. Adachi’s strong market presence in Otolaryngology, as well as their expertise in navigating Japanese regulatory and reimbursement pathways, will ensure a powerful launch of the TOMi Scope in the Japanese marketplace. We see this partnership as further validation of our technology and its potential to impact healthcare in a meaningful way. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Adachi.
      - Ryan L. Shelton in PhotoniCare, Inc. Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Adachi Co., LTD to Commercialize the TOMi Scope in Japan
    4. Publisher: NIH Record Newsletter
      You can see right into the tooth,” said Dr. Daniel Fried, professor, University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. “The enamel looks almost like an ice cube...Many lesions in the mouth have been re-mineralized and...no longer need inter­vention,” said Fried. “Dentists have trouble telling the difference between active and arrested lesions; this new technology has the potential of differentiating them.
      - Daniel S. Fried in Fried Illuminates the Future of Dentistry
    5. Publisher: NIH Record Newsletter
      OCT [already] has changed the practice of ophthalmol­ogy...It’s been very successful for retinal imaging...and it’s also very promising for dentistry...If the dentist doesn’t know if [a lesion] is active or arrested,” said Fried, “with OCT, you can actually see the lesion struc­ture, how deep it is and if it has a definitive surface zone suggesting that remineralization has occurred.
      - Daniel S. Fried in Fried Illuminates the Future of Dentistry
    6. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      This is the largest meeting in the world for biomedical optics, and that's because of you!
      - Rox Anderson in BiOS Hot Topics: Changing of the Guard
    7. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      Rox and I would like to take this opportunity to thank SPIE, program track chairs, conference chairs, and all of you in the com¬munity for the opportunity and the privilege to serve as co-chairs of BiOS all these years.
      - James G. Fujimoto in BiOS Hot Topics: Changing of the Guard
    8. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      Rochford pointed out Fujimoto's achievements as co-developer of optical coherence tomography (OCT), "a ubiquitous technology with many applications." He noted that Fujimoto's prolific career includes 15 patents, nine books, and more than 450 journal articles; and that he has received numerous awards for the development of OCT, including the 2017 Russ Prize from the National Academy of Engineering - considered the Nobel Prize of engineering.
      - In BiOS Hot Topics: Changing of the Guard
    9. Publisher: Home: SPIE.org
      Further improvement in laser technology will immediately translate to better imaging performance, and open new opportunities for biological applications.
      - In Faster, wider, deeper: imaging advances in focus at Hot Topics session
    10. Publisher: eyeworld.org
      Among the developments in the past 2 years, OCTA is by far the most important...Clinically, OCTA represents a paradigm change in angiography. It requires no dye injection, is faster (no waiting for dye transit), noninvasive, cheaper, and it can be used at every visit for screening and monitoring. OCTA will be used a lot more that fluorescein angiography ever was.
      - David Huang in Ophthalmic imaging modalities: a lot of change in 2 years
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