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    1. Publisher: prweb.com
      The USC Eye Institute is pioneering the development of novel treatments for eye diseases that cause vision loss and contributing critical scientific knowledge to advance the field of ophthalmology.
      - Carmen A. Puliafito in USC Eye Institute Adds 12 Faculty Physician Scientists in 2014
    2. Publisher: prweb.com
      I am extremely pleased to welcome the new faculty hires, and it is my privilege to lead this extraordinary group going forward.
      - Rohit Varma in USC Eye Institute Adds 12 Faculty Physician Scientists in 2014
    3. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Coronary imaging has rapidly evolved over the past decade and has become an important part of the practice of diagnostic and interventional cardiology...I’m looking forward to once again collaborating with Infraredx who pioneered the development of the only FDA-cleared dual-modality NIRS-IVUS device which is playing a vital role in furthering our understanding of the vulnerable plaque and its correlation to future coronary events. Our partnership will focus on ways to harness the collective value of current imaging modalities in order to provide clinicians with more comprehensive information on the coronary vasculature to help guide treatment decisions.
      - Guillermo J. Tearney in Infraredx Announces Research Collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital to Explore New Generation of Cardiovascular Imaging Devices
    4. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Compact Imaging’s MRO™ architecture has clear and sustainable advantages in size, cost, and power consumption over other OCT technologies...We’re delighted that our team in Galway is contributing so significantly to a dramatically different version of OCT technology that can make advanced optical imaging and biometry accessible both outside the clinic to patients and other health-oriented consumers and to developing countries where provision of affordable, ‘fit for purpose’ diagnostics is a real need.
      - Martin J. Leahy in Leading Irish University Bio-Photonics Laboratory And Compact Imaging Extend Agreement For Innovative Research Collaboration
    5. Publisher: Optical Coherence Tomography News
      Our collaboration with NUI Galway and Professor Leahy’s labs has been critical to demonstrating the principles and potential applications of MRO™’s low cost, small form factor design...We believe that CI’s MRO™-based sensor development is unlocking the world of high value personal biometrics...The collaboration has been very successful...This is just one of several ways in which Ireland, its people, and its institutions, have supported the development of Compact Imaging. With the strong Irish position in medical device design, development, and manufacturing, we expect continued expansion of our presence in Ireland.
      - Don Bogue in Leading Irish University Bio-Photonics Laboratory And Compact Imaging Extend Agreement For Innovative Research Collaboration
    6. Publisher: opticianonline.net
      It was a great occasion and reinforced our desire to use the very best of technology with this fast track driving.
      - In Spectralis users get a taste for speed at Silverstone
    7. Publisher: Vision Systems Design
      Unlike other CMOS imagers, the full well capacity of the imager is approximately 1.6 million electrons/per pixel, which will significantly enhance the sensitivity of FFOCT
      - Fabrice Harms in Endoscope employs custom camera for in-vivo cancer detection
    8. Publisher: Home | Stanford Medicine
      Right now, a patient who goes into the ophthalmologist’s office typically gets an SD-OCT scan anyway...Our technique involves no new procedures in the doctor’s office — patients get the same care they’ve been getting anyway. We’ve simply added on a computerized image-processing step that analyzes not only that scan but any previous ones available from that same patient’s earlier visits.
      - In Retinal-scan analysis can predict advance of macular degeneration, study finds
    9. Publisher: Healio.com
      OCT will be able to detect glaucomatous abnormalities prior to our current functional measurement technology being able to detect them, and the earlier in the disease that you can detect damage or progression, the more likely it is you are able to prevent further progression with less intensive intervention.
      - Joel S. Schuman in Emerging technologies open new horizons in glaucoma structural evaluation, management
    10. Publisher: cysticfibrosisnewstoday.com
      The ability to monitor how well mucus-thinning treatments are working in real-time may allow us to determine better treatments and tailor them for the individual.
      - Amy L. Oldenburg in Cystic Fibrosis, COPD Patients Could Benefit From Nanoparticle-based Mucus
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