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    1. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We believe we have made significant progress this past quarter as we continue to ramp-up our commercialization efforts to bring Perimeter's innovative.
      - In Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Provides ...
    2. Publisher: businesswire.com
      This study highlights the benefits of imaging to optimize vessel preparation and reinforces the efficacy of orbital atherectomy's unique mechanism of action which both ablates and fractures calcium.
      - In New Study Demonstrates Exceptional Performance With Cardiovascular Systems' Diamondback 360
    3. Publisher: Daily clinical news
      Increased adoption of OCT imaging, when combined with advanced technology like AI, allows cardiologists to have a more precise and measurable way of supporting patients undergoing coronary stent procedures.
      - In AI-Powered Imaging Software Aids Coronary Stenting
    4. Publisher: Daily clinical news
      Ultreon's customizable user interface and AI detection will make decision-making faster and reduce procedural variability, especially for the increasing number of physicians who are learning to utilize OCT imaging over other more traditional imaging technologies.
      - In AI-Powered Imaging Software Aids Coronary Stenting
    5. Publisher: fiercebiotech.com
      Ultreon Software can potentially improve physician and patient experience by utilizing a systematic process, reducing variability and increasing accuracy of diagnosis and application of therapies.
      - In Abbott launches AI-powered coronary OCT imaging system in Europe
    6. Publisher: PR Newswire
      We are also advancing OCT guided targeted laser microirradiation technology for creating models of degenerative eye diseases such as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and dry age-related macular degeneration (dry-AMD) as well as for targeted delivery of therapeutic genes.
      - In Nanoscope® team conferred Phase II Retinal Organoid Challenge (ROC) award by National Institute of Health
    7. Publisher: EurekAlert!
      The device could be especially useful in studies involving wound healing, as we are currently lacking a tool that maps the length and the depth of skin ridges. Currently, we rely on photographs or measurements in our trials which could only provide a 2D assessment.
      - In NTU Singapore team develops portable device that creates 3D images of skin in 10 minutes
    8. Publisher: EurekAlert!
      The device has also proven to be effective in lifting fingerprints and gives a high-resolution 3D image of their characteristics.
      - In NTU Singapore team develops portable device that creates 3D images of skin in 10 minutes
    9. Publisher: Global Edition
      For Boston Scientific, an important impetus of continuous growth in the China market is to collaborate with local partners to satisfy more local patients' unmet needs through diversified innovative channels.
      - In Health collaborations forged at CIIE begin to bear fruit
    10. Publisher: EurekAlert!
      Our results are very promising as they show DARC could be used as a biomarker for wet AMD when combined with the AI-aided algorithm.
      - In AI-supported test predicts eye disease three years before symptoms
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