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    1. Publisher: Healio.com
      Most ERMs in RVO respect the foveal area with a slight tendency to the adherence pattern to the global surface type.
      - In OCTA defines specific characteristics of epiretinal membranes in retinal vein occlusion
    2. Publisher: StreetInsider.com
      We are thrilled for the Seno Medical team and the incredibly well-deserved recognition that comes along with the receipt of such a prestigious award.
      - In Collaboration Between Seno Medical and Cogmedix Drives GOLDEN Results for Innovative Medical Breast Imaging System
    3. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times Europe
      PS-OCT can clearly identify differences in collagen fibre distributions between healthy and keratoconic corneas. Suspicious corneas had a unique distribution of collagen, which indicated early changes before they were detected on topography.
      - In The missing link in the recognition of corneal abnormalities
    4. Publisher: biospace.com
      At Sunnybrook, we are continually striving to bring personalized and precise diagnostics and treatments to our patients. In fact, it's a key part of our strategic plan.
      - In Conavi Medical’s Novasight Hybrid System Now In Use at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
    5. Publisher: Ophthalmology Times Europe
      The arrangement of collagen fibres in normal corneas exhibit a checkered arrangement centrally.
      - In Recognising corneal abnormalities with PS-OCT
    6. Publisher: pratt.duke.edu
      FMCW LiDAR shares the same working principle as OCT, which the biomedical engineering field has been developing since the early 1990s.
      - In How Eye Imaging Technology Could Help Robots and Cars See Better
    7. Publisher: Medical Xpress
      OCT allowed us to see the internal chambers that form inside the organoid as well as the active remodeling and restructuring.
      - In Imaging method shows beating, development in human heart model
    8. Publisher: The Daily Beast
      For example, we don't really understand how the human heart forms from embryo to adult.
      - In These Miniature Human Hearts Could Help Solve the Organ Transplant Crisis
    9. Publisher: GlobeNewswire, Inc.
      Insights of disease dynamics and treatment response gained from AI-based analysis of up to daily home OCT images provide new opportunities for personalized treatment and potentially better outcomes
      - In Notal Vision Reports Publication of First U.S. Home OCT
    10. Publisher: GlobeNewswire, Inc.
      The consistency of achieving high image quality was amazing considering the patient self-operation of the device
      - In Notal Vision Reports Publication of First U.S. Home OCT
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