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    2. Numerical a posteriori dispersion compensation in PCI measurement signals and OCT A-scan signals with spatially variant correlation core

      A method and/or arrangement for compensating the dispersion in signals of short-coherence interferometers and/or OCT interferometers, wherein the effect of the dispersion is eliminated by subsequent compensation in that the interferometer signal is correlated with a spatially variant correlation core which corresponds along the measurement axis in z-direction to an interferometer signal of an individual light-reemitting location with the same dispersion which is punctiform in z-direction.
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    3. System for measuring the optical image quality of an eye in a contactless manner

      A system is used for contactless measurement of the optical imaging quality of an eye with an interferometer by which at least one light pulse with a short coherence length is coupled into the eye from a light source. The optical path length of at least one arm of the interferometer is varied for measuring the length of the eye until a typical interference pattern between a reflection of the ...
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    4. Optical coherence interferometry and coherence tomography with spatially partially coherent light sources

      An airbag cover is defined by a predetermined breaking line which is introduced into a shaped flat material in a recessed manner. The recesses are achieved by removing material by means of laser radiation. According to the invention, the flat material is provided with a barrier layer. The barrier layer, by reason of its material properties, has greater resistance to removal of material by laser action than the material of ...
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    5. Method for calibrating an interferometer apparatus, for qualifying an optical surface, and for manufacturing a substrate having an optical surface

      A method for qualifying and/or manufacturing an optical surface includes: arranging a first substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface in a beam path of a first incident beam with the first surface facing towards the first incident beam, and taking an interferometric measurement of the second surface; arranging the first substrate in the beam path of the first incident beam with the ...
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    6. Optical multiplex short coherence interferometry on the eye

      The invention is directed to the detection and imaging of the internal geometry of the eye, particularly of the important components for imaging in the eye such as the cornea, lens, vitreous body and retinal surface, by multichannel short coherence interferometry. A method and arrangement for obtaining topograms and tomograms of the eye structure by many simultaneously recorded interferometric depth scans through transversely adjacent points in the pupil using spatially ...
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    7. Arrangements for coherence topographic ray tracing on the eye

      Topographic measurement of eye structures based on short coherence interferometry is the subject of the invention. The problem occurring in this connection is that longitudinal and transverse eye movements during signal registration lead to errors in the measured structure. The influences of longitudinal eye movements are compensated in that the reference beam, independent from the measurement beam, is directed to the corneal vertex and is reflected at the latter. The ...
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    8. Surgical system supported by optical coherence tomography

      An OCT-supported surgical system includes an OCT module that includes a surface scanner, the position of which can be sensed by a position sensing unit, and an evaluation and display unit, which is connected to the OCT module and to the position sensing unit in order to be able to correlate a tissue-differentiated tomogram of a specimen sensed by the OCT module with preoperatively produced specimen data.
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    9. Method and apparatus for fixing a location

      A method is disclosed for fixing at least one location in an examination field (9) with respect to a coordinate system (13). The method includes determining, in response to a request (65), coordinates of a first location (59) as a first coordinate set (x, y, z) allocated to the first location (59). A first recording and a second recording of topological data (69) in a spatially extended area around the ...
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    10. Tracking assisted optical coherence tomography

      One embodiment of the present invention is an optical coherence tomography ("OCT") application apparatus that performs an OCT application on an object. The OCT application apparatus includes: (a) an OCT scanning apparatus which outputs a scanning beam of OCT scanning radiation; and (b) an active tracking system that generates and projects a tracking beam of tracking radiation onto a region including a reference tracking feature; wherein the active tracking system ...
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    11. Optical delay line

      One embodiment of the present invention is an optical delay line that comprises a plurality of optical elements in optical communication with each other, wherein: (a) at least one of the plurality of optical elements is capable of spatially dispersing a spectrum of an optical signal to provide a spatially dispersed optical signal; (b) at least one of the plurality of optical elements is adjustable to affect one or more ...
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    12. Scanner

      A scanner for optical coherence tomography for linear scanning of an object with electromagnetic radiation, in which the scanning direction runs transversely of the direction of propagation of the electromagnetic radiation, includes a deflecting element rotatable around a rotation axis that deflects the electromagnetic radiation, incident along a direction of incidence, toward the object and, by its rotation, effects the linear scanning of the object. A beam forming optics is ...
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    13. Method for recording depth profiles in a specimen and apparatus therefor

      An apparatus records the depth profiles in a specimen with a reference beam and with a device for spatially superposing the measuring beam reflected from the specimen with the reference beam. The reference beam is coherent to the measuring beam in respect to a reference point of time. An evaluation unit having a detector is assigned to this device. The reference beam (9) and the measuring beam (7) for an ...
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  2. About Carl Zeiss Meditec

    Carl Zeiss Meditec

    Carl Zeiss Meditec.  Ophthalmology Systems.  Carl Zeiss Meditec is an integrated medical technology company with two main areas of business activity.  In the field of ophthalmology we offer complete solutions for treating the four main eye ailments: vision defects (refraction), cataract, glaucoma and retinal disorders. Our products support doctors and patients to diagnose and treat these ailments efficiently and precisely, thus giving both of them clear benefits, not least by offering them a comprehensive disease management solution. The acquisition of Carl Zeiss Surgical has strengthened our leading market and competitive position for devices and systems in ophthalmic surgery.  Furthermore, we have secured an outstanding starting position in the growth market of neuro/ENT surgery. As the world‘s leading provider of surgical microscopes and visualisation solutions for these treatments, we will further expand our footprint in this area through organic growth and strategic expansion into adjacent market segments. In doing so, we want to develop into a solution provider in this area as well.  Carl Zeiss Meditec's medical technology portfolio is rounded off by innovative and promising future technologies such as intraoperative radiation therapy, which allows the targeted treatment of breast cancer and brain cancer during the operation stage itself.

  3. Quotes about Carl Zeiss Meditec

    1. I have come to rely on the Carl Zeiss Meditec brand for consistent and reliable technologies that are at the forefront of innovation and patient care.
      In Carl Zeiss Meditec Introduces New Suite of Ophthalmic Innovations
    2. Mr Taylor has been instrumental in making Meditec one of the leading companies in the field of ophthalmology in the past few years. My sincere thanks are due to him for his effort and dedication. I am pleased that Mr Taylor will continue to support us in the role of independent consultant and that we will be able to draw on his experience in future. Furthermore, I am convinced that we are ideally set with our current team to accelerate the proposed realisation of growth potential of Carl Zeiss Meditec.
      In Carl Zeiss Meditec reorganises management of its strategic business units
    3. Carl Zeiss Meditec received the highest overall Frost & Sullivan Competitive Metrics Score in the recently completed Strategic Analysis of Optical Imaging Technologies in U.S. Clinical Diagnostics Markets.
      In Frost & Sullivan Lauds Carl Zeiss Meditec for Dominating the OCT Market for Ophthalmic Applications