1. Yuankai K. Tao

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  2. About Yuankai K. Tao

    Yuankai K. Tao

    Yuankai Kenny Tao is a postdoc in the Laser Medicine and Medical Imaging Group at MIT and was foremerly a graduate student working with Professor Izatt in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University.  Kenny's thesis work investigated the development of coherence-gated and resolution-multiplexed optical imaging systems with applications in ophthalmic imaging.


    1. “Our group has spent quite a few years working on developing the underlying imaging technology...This grant will support our translational efforts and allow us to identify ophthalmic surgeries that will directly benefit from real-time guidance and to better understand how surgical maneuvers impact postoperative visual function.
      In VISE affiliates awarded $1.8 million grant to improve surgical guidance during eye surgery