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  2. About WestFace Medical

    WestFace Medical

    WestFace Medical is a medical device company that has developed and patented needle tip imaging using OCT to improve vascular access. WestFace Medical presents a solution to the above needs - SingleStick™ - an imaging adapter utilizing optical coherence tomography (OCT) for pediatric vascular access. SingleStick™ consists of two components: a handheld imaging adapter (disposable component) and an OCT image processor (capital equipment component). The handheld imaging adapter leur locks to any hollow bore needle and subsequently introduces an optical fiber into the needle. The captured image from the needle tip is transmitted to an image processor providing a view of the needle’s trajectory. This view is real-time and forward facing. Traditional vascular access technique is hereby facilitated by real-time forward imaging. Accordingly, SingleStick™ provides multiple advantages over existing imaging technology.