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  2. About VU University Amsterdam

    VU University Amsterdam

    VU University Amsterdam (Vriju Universiteit) aims to be inspiring, innovative and involved. Inspiring: VU University Amsterdam is working hard to ensure that all of its courses rank among the best in the country. VU University Amsterdam offers an inspiring study environment capable of providing students with the most suitable course for their needs.

    Innovative: VU University Amsterdam stands for high quality, fundamental, innovative and socially oriented research. The university has several leading research groups, all of which enjoy international recognition. In recent years, capacity and expertise have been pooled in large-scale programmes, enabling interactions between different disciplines to be exploited to the full.

    Involved: VU's origins are rooted in the Christian faith. This is why we attach such great importance to our social role. We take the view that academic work cannot be divorced from the concerns of society, in terms of standards, values, philosophy and religio