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  2. About University of Ottawa

    University of Ottawa

    The University of Ottawa is a bilingual, research-intensive, non-denominational, international university in Ottawa, Ontario. It is one of the oldest universities in Canada, and was originally established as the College of Bytown in 1848 by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Formerly a liberal arts college, it has been teaching pure and applied sciences in both French and English since the 1800s. The university has been conferring Bachelor's degrees since 1872, Master's degrees since 1875, and Doctorates since 1888. Saint Paul University is federated with the university and is also located in Ottawa.

    The University of Ottawa is ranked 5th in research-intensity, and 9th in total-research funding in Canada It is a member of the Group of Thirteen, a league of the most research-intensive universities in the country. It was ranked 10th in Canada in the tenth edition (1998) of the Gourman Report university ranking guide. In the THES - QS World University Rankings of the top 500 universities in the world for 2007, the University of Ottawa placed 227th, and 14th among Canadian universities.