1. Tomey Corporation

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  2. About Tomey Corporation

    Tomey Corporation

    Tomey. The Headquarter of Tomey is located in Nagoya, Japan. Tomey Corporation has been a worldwide presence in the ophthalmic and optic market for more than forty years. Branch offices on many continents are representing Tomey all over the world. Tomey Europe is the European headquarter of Tomey Corporation, located in Erlangen, Germany. Tomey Europe was established in 1991 and is responsible for the distribution network in Europe, Middle East and AfricaThe good reputation of Tomey ophthalmic and optical diagnostic systems is based on their accuracy, reliability and functionality. Our dedicated distributors successfully promote Tomeys name all over the globe. Know-how and loyal customer relations, enhanced service and extensive training on the product range are goals of the service partners. As a customer of Tomey you enjoy a competent support around the world. Moreover the continuing extension of the Tomey product range and the dedication of our research and development departments to a steady improvement of the Tomey instruments, ensure our customers to use the ultimate technology by employing Tomey systems.