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    2. MEMS tunable VCSEL powered swept source OCT for 3D metrology applications

      MEMS tunable VCSEL powered swept source OCT for 3D metrology applications
      Disclosed is an optical probe system that is capable of high speed, high precision, and high resolution 3D digitalization of engineered objects. The 3D dimensional data of the engineered object is measured using a swept source optical coherence tomography system with improved speed, spatial resolutions, and depth range. Also disclosed is a type of coordinate measurement machine (CMM) that is capable of performing high speed, high resolution, and non-contact measurement ...
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    3. Permanent Professor Position available at University of Lubeck

      Permanent Professor Position available at University of Lubeck
      The Institute of Biomedical Optics at the Department of Computer Science/Engineering and Department of Natural Sciences (STEM) at the Universität zu Lübeck invites applications for a permanent University Professorship (W2) in Biomedical Optics and Photonics commencing as soon as possible. Conditions of the appointment are in accordance with the Higher Education Act (Hochschulgesetz) of Schleswig Holstein. Details will be explained on request. The successful candidate will represent ...
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    4. Agile imaging system

      Agile imaging system
      An agile optical imaging system for optical coherence tomography imaging using a tunable source comprising a wavelength tunable VCL laser is disclosed. The tunable source has long coherence length and is capable of high sweep repetition rate, as well as changing the sweep trajectory, sweep speed, sweep repetition rate, sweep linearity, and emission wavelength range on the fly to support multiple modes of OCT imaging. The imaging system also offers ...
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  2. About Thorlabs



    Thorlabs, since 1989, has proudly served the Photonics community through its growing catalog of over 20,000 products. As a USA based company with end-to-end design, manufacturing, and distribution facilities located worldwide, its catalog includes components to system-level solutions in product categories such as optomechanics, fiber, optics, semiconductors, lasers, and imaging. Leveraging its design and manufacturing capabilities, Thorlabs also offers complete custom options for OEM integration.


  3. Quotes about Thorlabs

    1. In pairing the FN1 microscope with Thorlabs' OCT technology, we are able to complement our traditional widefield and confocal imaging systems by providing a similar but more macro view.
      Stanley A. Schwartz in Nikon Instruments and Thorlabs Together Bring OCT Imaging to the FN1 'Physiostation' Microscope
    2. Covega comes to the Thorlabs family with a new suite of optical technologies that Thorlabs looks forward to offering to its diverse customer base. We are committed to ensuring continued access to the broad array of products that Covega currently manufacturers.
      Alex E. Cable in Thorlabs Acquires Covega
    3. Research by our group at MIT and our collaborators at Praevium Research and Thorlabs indicated that the coherence length of the VCSEL source was orders of magnitude longer than other swept laser technologies suitable for OCT, which suggested the possibility of long-range OCT imaging.
      Benjamin M. Potsaid in Researchers achieve meter-scale optical coherence tomography for first time