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    2. Imalux® receives CE Mark on its enhanced Niris® 1300e Imaging System and begins worldwide commercial shipments

      Imalux® receives CE Mark on its enhanced Niris® 1300e Imaging System and begins worldwide commercial shipments
      ... and surgery, and post-treatment surveillance in a multitude of clinical applications. Contact information; Thomas F. Barnish Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Imalux Corporation Phone: 216.502.0755 Ext 100...
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  2. About Thomas F. Barnish

    Thomas F. Barnish

    Thomas F. Barnish, Imalux Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Barnish has over 25 years of experience in executive finance positions with bioscience companies including Medeva Pharmaceuticals, Gliatech, and Copernicus Therapeutics. He has multi-industry experience in manufacturing, distribution, and retailing, with an emphasis on asset management and cost containment. Mr. Barnish has a successful record of accomplishment in large and small company work environments, both public and private, with particular strengths in financing, administration, systems development, treasury functions, compliance reporting, acquisitions and divestitures.


    1. It will provide us some extra runway... So, we’ve been putting bits and pieces of the remaining $2 million together over the last couple of years...Hopefully, we’ll be out looking for some more capital and launching product toward the end of the year.
      In Imalux adds $250k Medical Growth Fund to $6.7M fund raise - Adding to more than $17 million from investors since 1996
    2. We've raised over $15 million in equity funding so far from a variety of venture capital firms and from angel investors.
      In Investors Shift Focus to Biotechnology (Imalux raised over $15 million)