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  2. About Santec


    Santec.  Tunable Sources.  Santec is guided by a commitment to the Optical Technology that is revolutionizing the way we perceive the world and share information. We believe broadband Photonic solutions are changing fundamentally the way information is acquired and disseminated. Adoption of intelligent optical networking in the telecommunications backbone is enabling an unprecedented growth in data transfer and utilization. Santec anticipates a society advanced by photonics, with new capabilities such as all-optical Internet, and optical integrated circuits further transforming the way we work, connect and relax. We call this new, enlightened world OPTOPIA.

  3. Quotes about Santec

    1. Santec is committed to developing advanced OCT tools that give our customers a combination of the best hardware and software features for optimal imaging efficiency...the IVS-300 system is our latest system built on Santec innovative technology and underlines our drive to bring SS-OCT to a wide range of applications.
      In New Compact High Performance Swept Source OCT Console From Santec