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  2. About Ray Krauss

    Ray Krauss

    Ray H. Krauss is the Chief Executive Officer of Glucolight.  Mr. Krauss is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GlucoLight. As a 20-year veteran of the medical device industry, he brings a strong set of management, product development and marketing skills, and the unique understanding of what it takes to succeed in the industry. Prior to the founding of GlucoLight with Matthew Schurman in 2003, Mr. Krauss worked with similar medical startups assisting with business planning, management recruiting, and raising capital.


    1. As SENTRIS-100 continues to be developed and perfected from a technology standpoint, it also becomes imperative for us to improve its design and functionality
      In GlucoLight Unveils Ergonomic Improvements and Performance Enhancements ...
    2. These design and function improvements to SENTRIS-100 effectively productize the monitor as we approach the next round of clinical studies in 2008. We'll also look to build on these advances as we develop our proprietary technology for a future consumer product.
      In GlucoLight Unveils Ergonomic Improvements and Performance Enhancements ...