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  2. About Optovue


    Optovue, Inc., a privately-held medical device company founded in 2003 and based in Fremont, Calif., is dedicated to the development and commercialization of high-speed optical coherence technology used to facilitate the diagnosis and management of eye diseases, many of which may lead to permanent blindness. For more information, visit www.optovue.com.

  3. Quotes about Optovue

    1. Our customers around the world provided a 19% revenue increase for 2009 over 2008...We have continuing strong support by representatives and distributor's world-wide, and all regions including the US are up significantly from 2008. The first fiscal quarter of 2010 demonstrated still another significant increase over 2009 numbers. The trend is clearly demonstrating that the clinical package offered by Optovue products is still highly desirable when faced with a number of product options.
      Gordon Wong in Optovue Announces 19% 2009 Revenue Increase Over 2008
    2. Gaining market share in the home country where Optovue manufactures is always satisfying...“Gaining market share in the home country where Optovue manufactures is always satisfying...The mission in 2012 is to continue our market growth world-wide utilizing our new TCP (Total Cornea Power) and V TRAC (Eye Tracking) options; as well as expand our iWellness programs.
      In Optovue Announces US sales orders for advanced OCT up 32% over previous year
    3. Haag-Streit is happy to partner with Optovue for its leadership in OCT technology and outstanding customer service. Our bundled technologies will create an advanced package that will provide a superior diagnostic tool to the ophthalmic industry.
      In Haag-Streit USA and Optovue Team Up to Introduce Octopus/Optovue Bundle