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    2. Breast cancer imaging invention to improve surgery accuracy gets funding for clinical trials

      Breast cancer imaging invention to improve surgery accuracy gets funding for clinical trials
      An Australian invention aimed at improving the accuracy of breast cancer surgery is a step closer to being launched on the global market after securing funding for medical trials. About a quarter of breast cancer patients currently require two rounds of surgery because surgeons, working mostly by touch, are unable to detect microscopic tumours during the first operation. A hand-held imaging probe developed by biomedical engineers at the University of ...
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    3. Microscale imaging of breast tumor margins using optical coherence elastography

      Microscale imaging of breast tumor margins using optical coherence elastography
      A variant of optical coherence elastography offers a promising method of distinguishing between tumor and breast tissue in lumpectomy specimens in an intraoperative time frame. 1 May 2017, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.1201702.006873 Breast-conserving surgery is the most common surgical procedure used in the treatment of early-stage breast cancer. 1 The aim of this surgery is to remove all malignant tissue such that the surgical margin is ...
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    4. The emergence of optical elastography in biomedicine

      The emergence of optical elastography in biomedicine
      Optical elastography, the use of optics to characterize and map the mechanical properties of biological tissue, involves measuring the deformation of tissue in response to a load. Such measurements may be used to form an image of a mechanical property, often elastic modulus, with the resulting mechanical contrast complementary to the more familiar optical contrast. Optical elastography is experiencing new impetus in response to developments in the closely related fields ...
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  2. About OncoRes Medical

    OncoRes Medical

    OncoRes Medical is developing an imaging technology to provide intraoperative information available to surgeons to assist with the identification of tumour and healthy tissue . The technology under development utilises a novel combination of optical coherence tomography imaging and elastography to provide a rapid evaluation of tissue microarchitecture at a scale and resolution comparable to histology. The Company’s initial focus is on the development of an imaging probe that will enable breast cancer surgeons to identify residual cancer following the excision of the tumour, providing a solution to address the high re-excision rates for breast cancer patients. ​ OncoRes Medical is an early-stage medical device company located in Perth, Western Australia and is developing the patent-protected technology in collaboration with leading researchers at the University of Western Australia and the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and breast cancer surgeons at the Western Australian public health system. With funding provided by the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) , OncoRes Medical aims to develop the technology for use in clinical applications that require the real-time assessment of tissue microstructure.