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    2. Senior Software Engineer Or Software Engineer Opening at PhotoniCare

      Senior Software Engineer Or Software Engineer Opening at PhotoniCare
      PhotoniCare is a fast-growing VC funded MedTech company with a mission to improve health outcomes using cutting edge technology. We have developed the first FDA-cleared OCT-based imaging system, TOMi Scope, for assisting diagnosis of ear infections, a condition that affects 80% of children. The company operates with a philosophy of providing a fun, exciting and collaborative work environment for all team members. PhotoniCare also makes dedicated efforts towards professional and ...
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    3. AO-OCT Comes into Focus

      AO-OCT Comes into Focus
      Adaptive optics (AO) technology is often used to correct for wavefront distortions imparted when light travels through complex optical systems, enhancing image resolution and facilitating diffraction-limited optics. It has played a particularly prominent role in ophthalmic imaging, where retinal tissue imaging is limited by inherent aberrations in the eye. Given the widespread adoption of OCT in clinical diagnostics over the last 20 years, these two techniques should be natural partners ...
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    4. Notal Vision Engages Wasatch Photonics Bringing AI-Enabled Home-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Closer to Market

      Notal Vision Engages Wasatch Photonics Bringing AI-Enabled Home-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Closer to Market
      ...ds in retina with the Home OCT device", said Dr. David Creasey, Chief Executive Officer at Wasatch Photonics. Nishant Mohan, Vice President OCT Division added, "We believe the innovation that has led to development of se...
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    5. Advances in Optical Coherence Tomography

      Advances in Optical Coherence Tomography
      Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution, three-dimensional, noninvasive imaging technique. It is often called an optical ultrasound because it relies on time-of-flight information, similar to ultrasound imaging, to obtain subsurface information. The success of this technique has been fueled by a unique combination of technical and commercial factors, which include major investment in lasers, optical fibers, and sensors for telecommunications. That OCT is benefitting from these advances is proven ...
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    6. Vying for Dominance: Swept-Source vs. Spectral-Domain OCT

      Vying for Dominance: Swept-Source vs. Spectral-Domain OCT
      Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is among the most widely used in vivo optical diagnostic techniques. This high-resolution 3D imaging modality, with market size approaching $1 billion, has established itself as an indispensable tool for ophthalmology and is seeing growing acceptance in interventional cardiology, dermatology and nondestructive testing. OCT combines micron-level resolution with high speed and penetration up to 2 to 3 mm in the scattering tissue. In addition, instrumentation is ...
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    7. OCT Application Engineer: Wasatch Photonics - North Carolina

      OCT Application Engineer: Wasatch Photonics - North Carolina
      Wasatch Photonics is seeking a self-directed and experienced Application Engineer to join our OCT business. The OCT Application Engineering position will be at the center of championing customer needs for OCT offerings. The position will be responsible for meeting customer requests regarding imaging samples, conducting demos, and solving technical problems as needed. The position will develop a key understanding of OCT operation and all critical parameters related to imaging. The ...
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    8. OCT Angiography: Technology and Applications Webcast April 26th 2016, 1:00 EST

      OCT Angiography: Technology and Applications Webcast April 26th 2016, 1:00 EST
      Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has become the most widely used optical technique for medical imaging over the last decade. The technology is standard of care for diagnosis and disease management for several ophthalmic conditions and represents a market of over 500 million US dollars per year. Like other established medical imaging technologies, OCT is making its move from structural to functional imaging with advent of OCT angiography. However, unlike most ...
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    9. Global Sales and Account Manager: Optical Imaging at Wasatch Photonics

      Global Sales and Account Manager: Optical Imaging at Wasatch Photonics
      Wasatch Photonics is the leading manufacturer of volume phase gratings with corporate offices located in Logan, Utah. WP also designs and manufactures spectroscopic and optical coherence tomography devices at our facility in Durham, North Carolina. We are seeking an experienced and dynamic person to lead our global sale and manage the accounts for Optical Coherence Tomography division. This position will be located at our Durham facility and require extensive travel ...
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  2. About Nishant Mohan

    Nishant Mohan

    Nishant Mohan is Chief Technology and Product Officer at PhotoniCare Inc. He has led the launch of several OCT-based products including machine learning platform for optical coherence tomography (OCT), OCT-based angiography systems and first in the market high-performance OCT spectrometers. He is a recipient of the annual early career achievement award by SPIE for the year 2020. His past positions include Vice President of OCT division at Wasatch Photonics, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Wasatch Photonics, and Senior Engineer at Bausch + Lomb Inc. He holds post-doctoral fellowship from Harvard Medical School, a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, and Bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology.


    1. We see the power of OCT being utilized in several new areas, and appropriate software development tools are essential to speed up that progress. This software platform is a critical step in reaching our mission of OCT for all.
      In Wasatch Photonics launches WP OCT software platform as enabling tool for OCT system development
    2. Our goal with MicroAngio is to provide a flexible tool that can be used in an optimal fashion for a wide range of applications...MicroAngio comes with customized probes and fixtures for small animal retinal, dorsal window chamber and brain imaging. We also provide a suite of algorithms for data analysis essential for angiographic imaging.”
      In Wasatch Photonics launches label-free angiography technique based on optical coherence tomography
    3. Technological and commercial advances in field of OCT has allowed us to offer a practical imaging solution for veterinary applications. The main challenge was to develop an instrument robust for veterinary environment, yet keeping costs low enough to serve a more frugal market. We feel iVivo VET will serve as an all in one solution for imaging needs of veterinary ophthalmologist. In Occuscience we have a perfect partner in taking our product to the veterinary market.
      In Wastach Photonics Launches Handheld OCT and Fundus Imager for Veterinary Ophthalmology Applications
    4. Spectral-domain OCT is one of the fastest-growing optical diagnostics techniques over the past decade.
      In Wasatch Photonics launches Cobra OCT spectrometer with USB 3.0 interface