1. Muneeb Khalid

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  2. About Muneeb Khalid

    Muneeb Khalid is President of AlazarTech, was one of the original founders of Gage Applied Sciences Inc., which was sold to Tektronix in 2000.


    1. ATS9130 is a continuation of our effort to provide cost-effective yet powerful products to OEMs...ATS9130 provides data streaming, a feature that is usually absent in products in this price range.
      In New low-cost 12 bit, 50 MS/s PCI Express waveform digitizer from AlazarTech
    2. We noticed that signal processing was becoming the major bottleneck for SS-OCT imaging...We identified GPUs as a low cost and ubiquitous signal processing resource and went about creating a framework that allows our customers to easily use it in combination with our PCI Express waveform digitizers
      In Waveform Digitizer and GPU combine to provide 230 kHz A-scan signal acquisition and FFT calculation for Swept Source OCT (SS-OCT)