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  2. About Mirrorcle Technologies

    Mirrorcle Technologies, Inc. (MTI), founded in February of 2005, is a California corporation that commercially provides products and services based on its proprietary optical microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology. As the result of several years of successful research and development, our products include the world's fastest large scan-angle two-axis scanning mirrors, as well as a series of resonating-type micromirror devices for MEMS-based display applications with VGA, SVGA, and HDTV capabilities. Globally, we are the only provider of tip-tilt MEMS actuators in combination with square or round mirrors from 0.8 to several mm in diameter, offering a wide selection of specifications to optimize your path to successful commercialization. In addition to our popular R&D development kit packages and off-the-shelf products with established designs, we frequently create specialty designs and fabricate custom units for specific applications.

  3. Quotes about Mirrorcle Technologies

    1. Because the Mirrorcle Technologies 2-axis scanning mirror had point-to-point scanning capability, wide tilting angles, and small packaging, we were able to replace the larger and heavier galvanometer scanners with the MEMS scanning mirror to produce a much smaller and lighter prototype OCT handheld instrument capable of acquiring 3D volumetric OCT data.
      In Scientists reconfirm suitability of Mirrorcle MEMS mirrors for OCT applications