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    2. Michelson Diagnostics Diversifies into Non-Medical Market

      Michelson Diagnostics Diversifies into Non-Medical Market
      ...showing outer nacre layer Ex1301 Microscope EX1301 OCT microscope in use. Reacting to strong customer demand, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd (MDL) is broadening the commercial application of its unique 'multibeam' Optical Coh...
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  2. About Michelson Diagnostics

    Michelson Diagnostics

    Michelson Diagnostics.  Microscopy Systems.  Michelson Diagnostics Ltd (MDL) is a healthcare company providing a live view of cancerous tissue.  The company was formed in March 2006 to develop a hand-held cancer scanner based on an imaging technology called optical coherence tomography (OCT).   The patented device will give clinicians and researchers a live view of sub-surface tissue structures at near-cellular resolution - high enough to see the emergence and growth of cancer. It shows tissue as deep as 2 mm and offers much higher image resolution than ultrasound or MRI.  The non-invasive cancer scan reduces the need for painful and costly biopsies and provides patients and doctors with immediate results. Whole organs can be systematically scanned for abnormalities.

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    1. I found the MedTech Tour Summit extremely useful: the high standard of presenting companies at different stages of their business development provided insights into how I need to position Michelson Diagnostics for an investment. I also made contact with several interested investors and advisors, and discussions are progressing.
      Jon Holmes in Michelson Diagnostics is Singled Out for Growth
    2. Michelson Diagnostics has applied their outstanding technology to forward thinking products and I am extremely pleased to be representing the company in the US.
      Kevin C. Oakley in Michelson Diagnostics Opens US Offices And Appoints US Business Development Manager
    3. This is a remarkable milestone for Michelson Diagnostics, as it shows, through a statistically significant sample, that multi-beam OCT technology has the potential to play an important role in the early diagnosis of cancer.
      Jon Holmes in Michelson Diagnostics Reports First Quantitative Results on Cancer Diagnosis Using Multi-beam OCT imaging