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  2. About Michael Burke

    Michael Burke

    Michael Burke is president and CEO of Imalux Corporation.


    1. everybody misses the value proposition that imaging companies provide ...Our product is a good example. Unlike some of the very expensive imaging systems, we’re going to have low-cost product on the market that allows you to image tissue down to a depth of 2 mm. Cancers occur between 0.4 and 1.4 mm. With this device, you will be able to scan the larynx, cervix, bladder, on and on very inexpensively and see what’s both normal and what isn’t in each stage up to and including cancer.
      In Healthcare Reform: Will Device Makers End Up in the Red or in the Pink?
    2. Following my TREK experience, I was looking at several opportunities for my next venture. As I did my due diligence on Imalux, I was greatly impressed by the strength and commitment of the Imalux team, the Company's proprietary and proven technology, their excellent clinical validation studies, and, importantly, positive feedback from physicians using the Niris system. This combination indicates to me that the Company is well positioned to become a leader in the exciting and expanding OCT imaging market.
      In Imalux® Names New President/CEO