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  2. About Mauna Kea Technologies

    Mauna Kea Technologies

    Mauna Kea Technologies.  Our founder and CEO's vision was that the power of astronomical technologies could serve physicians, researchers and patients by enabling new medical imaging modalities. This vision was carried out by an extraordinary team of dedicated people from a great variety of disciplines. Over the years, this vision has been reinforced and renewed, opening new horizons as our technologies became available to a greater number of physicians, researchers and therefore to patients. Our first and major innovation is the Cellvizio platform, enabling dynamic in vivo microscopic imaging, almost anywhere in the living body. Cellvizio is now serving the community of gastroenterologists and pulmonologists, as well as a large community of researchers in various fields including neuroscience, cancerology or stem cells. We expect to deliver many more innovative devices in the years to come, complementing our Cellvizio platform or opening new areas of development.