1. Massachusetts General Hospital

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    2. Apparatus and method for ranging and noise reduction of low coherence interferometry LCI and optical coherence tomography OCT signals by parallel detection of spectral bands

      Apparatus, method, logic arrangement and storage medium are provided for increasing the sensitivity in the detection of optical coherence tomography and low coherence interferometry ("LCI") signals by detecting a parallel set of spectral bands, each band being a unique combination of optical frequencies. The LCI broad bandwidth source can be split into N spectral bands. The N spectral bands can be individually detected and processed to provide an increase in ...
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    3. In Vivo Comparison of Optical Coherence Tomography and Angioscopy for the Evaluation of Coronary Plaque Characteristics

      Atherosclerotic yellow plaques identified by coronary angioscopy are considered as vulnerable plaques. However, characteristics of yellow plaques are not well understood. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) provides accurate tissue characterization in vivo and has the capability to measure fibrous cap thickness covering a lipid plaque. Characteristics of yellow plaques identified by angioscopy were evaluated by OCT. We examined 205 plaques of 41 coronary arteries in 26 patients. In OCT analysis, plaques ...
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    4. Spectral-domain optical coherence phase microscopy for quantitative biological studies (Thesis)

      Spectral-domain optical coherence phase microscopy for quantitative biological studies (Thesis)
      Conventional phase-contrast and differential interference contrast microscopy produce high contrast images of transparent specimens such as cells. However, they do not provide quantitative information or do not have enough sensitivity to detect nanometerlevel structural alterations. We have developed spectral-domain optical coherence phase microscopy (SD-OCPM) for highly sensitive quantitative phase imaging in 3D. This technique employs common-path spectral-domain optical coherence reflectometry to produce depth-resolved reflectance and quantitative phase images with high ...
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    5. Volumetric sub-surface imaging using spectrally encoded endoscopy

      D. Yelin, B. E. Bouma, G. J. Tearney Endoscopic imaging below tissue surfaces and through turbid media may provide improved diagnostic capabilities and visibility in surgical settings. Spectrally encoded endoscopy (SEE) is a recently developed method that utilizes a single optical fiber, miniature optics and a diffractive grating for ... [Opt. Express 16, 1748-1757 (2008)]
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    6. Monitoring mouse retinal degeneration with high-resolution spectral-domain optical coherence tomography

      Progression of retinal degeneration in a mouse model was studied in vivo with high-resolution spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). Imaging in 3D with high depth resolution (<3 μm), SD-OCT resolved all the major layers of the retina of control C57BL/6J mice. Images of transgenic mice having a null mutation of the rhodopsin gene revealed the anatomical consequences of retinal degeneration: thinning of the outer retina, including the outer plexiform ...
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    7. High-speed polarization sensitive optical frequency domain imaging with frequency multiplexing

      W.Y. Oh, S.H. Yun, B.J. Vakoc, M. Shishkov, A.E. Desjardins, B.H. Park, J.F. de Boer, G.J. Tearney, B.E. Bouma. Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT) provides a cross-sectional image of birefringence in biological samples that is complementary in many applications to the standard reflectance-based image. Recent ex vivo studies have demonstrated that birefringence mapping enables the ... [Opt. Express 16, 1096-1103 (2008)]
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    8. Two-axis magnetically-driven MEMS scanning catheter for endoscopic high-speed optical coherence tomography

      Ki Hean Kim, B. H. Park, Gopi N. Maguluri, Tom W. Lee, Fran J. Rogomentich, Mirela G. Bancu, Brett E. Bouma, Johannes F. de Boer, Jonathan J. Bernstein A two-axis scanning catheter was developed for 3D endoscopic imaging with spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). The catheter incorporates a micro-mirror scanner implemented with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology: the micro-mirror is mounted on a two-axis gimbal ... [Opt. Express 15, 18130-18140 (2007)]
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  2. About Massachusetts General Hospital

    Massachusetts General Hospital

    Massachusetts General Hospital is a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and biomedical research facility in Boston, Massachusetts. It is owned and operated by Partners HealthCare (which also owns Brigham and Women's Hospital and North Shore Medical Center).

  3. Quotes about Massachusetts General Hospital

    1. We are excited to see the publication of this data from our collaborators at Massachusetts General Hospital that clearly demonstrate the imaging technology can produce valuable images of esophageal tissue...We look forward to moving ahead with continued development of this exciting new technology.
      Charles Carignan in NinePoint Medical Imaging Technology Highlighted in Nature Medicine