1. Mark J. Forchette

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  2. About Mark J. Forchette

    Mark J. Forchette

    Mark J. Forchette is President and Chief Executive Officer of OptiMedica.


    1. It is a tremendous honor to be named as one of Red Herring's top 100 companies in North America.
      In OptiMedica Wins Prestigious 2013 Red Herring 100 North America Award
    2. OptiMedica has been committed to bringing the precision and safety benefits of femtosecond laser technology to cataract surgery since our founding in 2004. Today, we are literally standing at the forefront of a landscape shift in the field that, we believe, will ultimately make the laser the centerpiece of the procedure.
      In $35 Million Growth Round to Fuel OptiMedica’s Leadership in Laser Cataract Surgery