1. Mark E. Brezinski

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  2. About Mark E. Brezinski

    Mark E. Brezinski

    Mark Edward Brezinski MD, PhD primary appointments are as faculty at Harvard Medical and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His efforts span that of a scientist (bench to beside: engineering/physics to clinical trials) to a cardiologist. He has gained international recognition for pioneering efforts and advancing the field of optical coherence tomography (OCT), the micron-scale imaging technology. Since 2000, much of his efforts have been on adjuvant technologies including PS-OCT, OCT elastography, combined OCT-ultrasound, index matching, and quantum second order correlations with OCT. Dr. Brezinski has also made paradigm shifting advances in disciplines ranging from inflammatory cell regulation to quantum mechanical cell interactions to macroscopic quantum systems, with substantial potential impact to medicine beyond orthopedics and cardiology.

    Mark Brezinski MD, PhD is an internationally respected researcher most widely recognized as a pioneer of the OCT field (over 19 years). His work is truly translational research, spanning technology development, physical theory, bench top studies, and clinical trials. His work (along with collaborators and team members) in cardiology, in particular, translated a concept to an FDA approved interventional imaging technology. This was done in part through co-founding Lightlab Imaging that now sells cardiovascular OCT systems as a subsidiary of St. Jude Medical. For over 13 years, a primary focus has been to advance OCT for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disease (MSD) and cardiology. In addition, he has made considerable contributions of applying quantum mechanical principles to medicine, both through technology development and understanding quantum cellular interactions. His efforts are also focused on quantum effects from indistinguishable paths rather than quantum entanglement.

    He is the author of over 150 publications, winner of many awards, including the Presidential Award from President Clinton, and routinely advises numerous Federal Agencies.


    1. Now that people are living longer, we want them to live healthier...As someone in the field since the original paper describing its utility, I think OCT has great potential to be high impact technology in managing cardiovascular disease.
      In With OCT, Image is Everything