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    2. Multilayered tissue phantoms, fabrication methods, and use

      Multilayered tissue phantoms, fabrication methods, and use
      A method for producing a multilayer tissue phantom involves successively forming at least two layers, each layer formed by depositing a viscous flowable material over a supporting element or over a previously formed layer of the phantom supported by the supporting element, selectively redistributing the material while material is solidifying to control a thickness distribution of the layer, and allowing the material to solidify sufficiently to apply a next layer ...
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    3. Feature Of The Week 9/12/10: Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Studies on an Excised Beating Heart – a New Model and an Amazing Video

      Feature Of The Week 9/12/10: Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Studies on an Excised Beating Heart – a New Model and an Amazing Video
      Feature Of The Week 9/12/10: This week we have another very impressive presentation from Dr. Guy Lamouche and his colleagues from National Research Council Canada describing the advantages and limitations of using a beating heart model in the development of intravascular optical coherence tomography. The model fills the gap between bench experiments, performed on phantoms and excised arteries, and whole animal in-vivo preparations. The beating heart model is ...
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    4. Method and apparatus for scanning optical delay line

      The present invention relates in general to optical interferometric systems, and in particular to scanning optical delay lines of an interferometric system.Interferometric systems are deployed in a wide and growing number of applications. Typically, interferometric systems involve two arms, a beam splitter and a beam combiner. A beam of light incident the beam splitter is divided in two: one partof the beam is directed down each of the arms ...
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    5. Particle size measurement in glass powder beds using optical coherence tomography

      Jocelyn Veilleux, Christian Moreau, Daniel Levesque et al. Optical coherence tomography was used to collect cross-sectional images of glass powder beds consisting of microspheres with diameters ranging from 8 to 175 [mu]m. Images were formed by a collection of individual interferogram envelopes that give the backscattered light amplitude as a function of t ... [Opt. Eng. 47, 033601 (2008)] published Fri Mar 21, 2008.
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    6. Method and apparatus for three-dimensional compositional mapping of heterogeneous materials

      Laser ablation combined with spectrometric analysis is a good tool for determining the composition of heterogeneous materials. By measuring the depth of an ablation crater at a target of a heterogeneous material, it is possible to generate a compositional profile as a function of the depth. It is also possible to generate a 3 dimensional profile by depth profiling of a plurality of craters. The depth measurement is conducted in ...
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    Marc L. Dufour is with the is with the Industrial Materials Institute, National Research Council Canada.