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    2. ZEISS Sets the Pace in OCT Innovation with First FDA 510(k) Clearance of OCT Angiography Technology

      ZEISS Sets the Pace in OCT Innovation with First FDA 510(k) Clearance of OCT Angiography Technology
      ...ution that allows them to make this revolutionary technology part of their daily clinical practice,” said Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. “As the first such system cleared in the U.S., AngioP...
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  2. About Ludwin Monz

    Ludwin Monz

    Ludwin Monz is President of the Ophthalmic Systems Business Unit at Carl Zeiss Meditec.


    1. With the angiography function, physicians can visualize the blood vessels of the retina in 3D...Contrary to conventional angiography, this procedure does not require the use of contrast media, which is a decisive clinical advantage.
      In Zeiss Meditec sales cruise past €1BN
    2. Surgeons should have the choice of the best and most innovative products to maximize clinical outcomes, manage their data, and optimize their workflow...That is why we agreed to expand our customer reach in the United States by making our products available additionally through Abbott.
      In Abbott Expands Cataract Surgery Product Portfolio through U.S. Distribution Agreement with Carl Zeiss Meditec
    3. The unique combination of two established Zeiss gold standards means we can now offer surgeons more comprehensive visualization during surgery, which enables better treatment results.
      In Intraocular lenses and Japan tax hike drive Meditec growth
    4. The possibilities of how this new visualization technology will change ophthalmic surgery and expand the capabilities especially for retina and cornea surgeons are now just beginning to be realized.
      In Groundbreaking Zeiss Kit Used in First Eye Surgeries
    5. Our widespread presence in various business fields and regions enables us to even out any fluctuations in business and to continue our long-term growth trend.
      In Carl Zeiss Meditec improves its results in first six months of financial year 2012/2013
    6. We anticipate revenue of between € 880 and 910 million.
      In Carl Zeiss Meditec improves its results in first six months of financial year 2012/2013
    7. We assume that the US elections and the resulting insecure political decisions for the healthcare sector and the change of model in the diagnosis segment caused reserved purchasing behavior among our customers, in particular among physicians in private practice.
      In Asia investment keeps Carl Zeiss Meditec on track
    8. Our positive overall growth is due, in particular, to the balanced and broad footing of our business.
      In Carl Zeiss Meditec Records Positive First Quarter But OCT Revenue Decreased
    9. I am delighted that we have continued on our solid growth course, in spite of the volatile environment.
      In Eastern Europe drives Zeiss Meditec growth
    10. With these new products and technologies we have further supplemented our offering and improved it in several key points...We are proud that we have developed these innovations in close dialog with our customers and can therefore optimally cater to their needs. We will remain on course to further success as a solution provider for ophthalmology and therefore make a contribution to themore effective and efficient treatment of diseases
      In WOC 2010: Carl Zeiss Meditec remains firmly on course for further success as ophthalmic solutions provider