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  2. About LLTech


    LLTech is a privately owned company founded in 2007. LLTech vision is to become the leader in real time, safe, non-destructive optical biopsies and cellular level tissue imaging for research and clinical applications (micro biopsies assessment, surgical margins…). Using the properties of white light and optics the Light-CT research scanner generates DICOM 3D high-resolution three-dimensional images of tissue microstructure, without introducing artifacts.

  3. Quotes about LLTech

    1. It is hard to access private capital in France for early stage startups without a proof-of-concept completed. Access to grants for LLTech directly or access for grants from 3rd parties that use LLTech equipment have been greatly beneficial for moving our vision of digital pathology forward. For the future it would be beneficial to reduce the amount of paper work and the long process.
      Bertrand de Poly in Optical Coherence Tomography Used $500M of Federally Funded Research Over The Past Decade: How was it Used, What was Accomplished, and What’s to Come?