1. John B. Simpson

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    2. Avinger Announces New FDA Clearance for Lumivascular Imaging Console, Enabling Vessel Measurement Via Touchscreen

      Avinger Announces New FDA Clearance for Lumivascular Imaging Console, Enabling Vessel Measurement Via Touchscreen
      ...ments, further advancing the potential of Lumivascular technology to dramatically improve patient care,” said John B. Simpson, Ph.D., M.D., Avinger’s founder and executive chairman. “Achievement of this FDA clearance is ...
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    3. Atherectomy catheters with longitudinally displaceable drive shafts

      Atherectomy catheters with longitudinally displaceable drive shafts
      Described herein are atherectomy catheters, systems and methods that include longitudinally displaceable drive shafts that drive actuation of one or more cutters at the distal end of the catheter. The catheters described herein may include one or more imaging sensors for imaging before, during or after cutting tissue. In some variations the imaging sensor may be rotated around the perimeter of the catheter independently of the rotation of the cutter ...
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    4. Avinger Announces FDA Clearance and U.S. Launch of Breakthrough Treatment for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease

      Avinger Announces FDA Clearance and U.S. Launch of Breakthrough Treatment for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease
      ... Pantheris. I offer a special thanks to all the patients and investigators who have made this possible,” said John B. Simpson, Ph.D., M.D., the company’s founder and executive chairman. “Our goal has always been to bring...
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    5. Catheter-based off-axis optical coherence tomography imaging system

      Catheter-based off-axis optical coherence tomography imaging system
      Catheter-based Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems utilizing an optical fiber that is positioned off-axis of the central longitudinal axis of the catheter have many advantage over catheter-based OCT systems, particularly those having centrally-positioned optical fibers or fibers that rotate independently of the elongate body of the catheter. An OCT system having an off-axis optical fiber for visualizing the inside of a body lumen may be rotated with the body of ...
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    6. Atherectomy Catheters And Occlusion Crossing Devices

      Atherectomy Catheters And Occlusion Crossing Devices
      Atherectomy catheters and methods of using them are described herein. In particular, described herein are optical coherence tomography (OCT) catheters that may include a distal tip that can be deflected away from the long axis of the device at a hinge point that is offset (e.g., located on a side of the elongate body near the distal end of the elongate body) and a rotatable cutter near an imaging ...
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    7. Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices

      Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices
      The present invention relates to: (1) guidewire support/placement catheters; (2) support/placement catheters with imaging; (3) atherectomy catheters, (4) atherectomy catheters with imaging, (5) occlusion crossing catheters, and (6) occlusion crossing catheters with imaging as well as methods for using them to treat disorders (and particularly peripheral artery disease) and systems including them.
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  2. About John B. Simpson

    John B. Simpson

    John B. Simpson is a Cardiologist and Entrepreneur.  He was recently Chief Executive Officer and Founder of FoxHollow Technologies.  Dr. Simpson founded our Company in September 1996 and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since January 2006. Dr. Simpson has served as a member of our Board since September 1996. From May 2004 to December 2005, Dr. Simpson also served as a consultant to our Company and from October 1996 to July 1997, Dr. Simpson served as our President. Since March 2000, Dr. Simpson has served in various positions at De Novo Ventures, a venture capital fund, including Managing Director and Clinical Director. Since 1983, Dr. Simpson has been a Partner at Cardiovascular Medicine and Coronary Interventions, a cardiology physician group. Prior to founding our Company, Dr. Simpson founded several other interventional cardiology companies, including Perclose, a manufacturer of femoral artery access site closure devices, Devices for Vascular Intervention, a manufacturer of atherectomy devices, and Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, a manufacturer of balloon angioplasty devices. Dr. Simpson is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Simpson holds a B.S. in Agriculture from Ohio State University, an M.D. from the Duke University School of Medicine and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science from the University of Texas.


    1. These acute results from the VISION study have exceeded even my high expectations going into the trial...Never before have we been able to see the arterial wall during atherectomy, nor have I seen these types of results, with this much control over the procedure outcomes and so little adjunctive therapy required to achieve the desired angiographic results, with only 4% of lesions treated receiving placement of a stent. Based on the data we have seen to date, I believe we continue to be on track to meet or exceed our primary safety endpoint once all six-month follow-up data becomes available.
      In Avinger Announces 30-Day VISION Trial Results at EuroPCR 2015
    2. This funding represents an additional important milestone for Avinger, and brings us another step closer to a life-long dream of mine to provide practitioners with the first-ever image-guided atherectomy device, helping the millions of patients suffering from PAD.
      In Avinger Completes Major New Financing
    3. With its smaller profile and longer length, Ocelot | PIXL is designed to bring all the benefits of Ocelot to help physicians treat more patients with smaller arteries...Because Ocelot | PIXL, like the original Ocelot catheter, uses real-time intravascular imaging via optical coherence tomography (OCT), I’m confident more legs will be saved, and more patients will walk home happy.
      In Avinger Receives FDA Clearance for Ocelot | PIXL
    4. It has taken my entire career to get to this moment...Incorporating intravascular OCT into therapeutic devices has been the biggest priority here at Avinger. We have amazing investors who have allowed us to demonstrate how revolutionary Avinger can be. I’m so proud of our employees, all the physicians and hospitals around the world that helped us bring this amazing technology to the patients in the US.
      In Avinger’s Ocelot System is FDA Cleared
    5. The enrollment rate was well ahead of our projected schedule.
      In Avinger Reports Results of Clinical Study Evaluating New Imaging Catheter Designed To Help Cross CTOs in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
    6. Ocelot was designed to enable more informed treatment decisions, and the more information a physician has available during a procedure, the better we can help treat those patients.
      In Avinger Raises $33 Million in Series D Financing
    7. We are pleased to reach this significant milestone ahead of schedule and already see promising preliminary data collected...We appreciate the patient participation and dedicated efforts of our employees, physician investigators and their research staffs. Together, we are now one step closer to bringing the Ocelot technology to patients who need it most.
      In Avinger Completes Enrollment of PAD-Focused CONNECT II Global Clinical Trial
    8. We hope that physicians using Ocelot can now help prevent even more leg amputations in people suffering from PAD...The team here at Avinger has been working really hard and I’m excited to see our efforts now go directly towards helping these patients.
      In Avinger Enrolls First U.S. Pad Patient in CONNECT II Global Clinical Trial - Intravascular imaging further prevents leg amputations
    9. This is a major milestone for Avinger and a true testament to the perseverance of all our employees and investors. Many people said we couldn't do it...Ocelot and CONNECT II is our first step toward incorporating intravascular imaging into therapeutic catheters. We truly believe this will revolutionize the treatment of vascular disease and amputation prevention.
      In Avinger Enrolls First European PAD Patient in CONNECT II Global Clinical Trial
    10. We're looking forward to transmitting two live cases from Muenster to this year's LINC audience.
      In Avinger to Perform Two Live Ocelot Cases at LINC Conference in Leipzig, Germany
  4. Quotes about John B. Simpson

    1. Avinger's Dr. John B. Simpson has invented a technology that enables Austin Heart's team of interventional cardiologists to treat PAD patients with more precision than ever before possible...The trial is hoping to help patients regain mobility and improve quality of life, and in the process many patients might be spared unnecessary amputations. Austin Heart is committed to saving the legs of our PAD patients so they can return to a healthy life.
      In Austin Heart Enrolls PAD Patient in Avinger’s CONNECT II Global Clinical Trial