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    2. Optical sensor interrogation system based on FDML wavelength swept laser

      Optical sensor interrogation system based on FDML wavelength swept laser
      Provided is an optical sensor interrogation system. The optical sensor interrogation system includes: a light source unit which matches round-trip time of light and wavelength tunable cycle time of light in a resonator and emits light; a sensing unit which receives an optical signal in which a center wavelength periodically tunes, from the light source unit and tunes the center wavelength of the optical signal according to physical changes applied ...
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    3. Flexible Curled Optical Cord for Bending-Insensitive Optical Imaging Delivery

      Flexible Curled Optical Cord for Bending-Insensitive Optical Imaging Delivery
      In the application of optical imaging technologies to the biomedical field, the flexible optical cord is one of the key components used to deliver the reflected optical signal from the internal biological tissue to the biomedical imaging system. However, the conventional optical fibers suffer from a critical wiring limitation, which results in severe power losses under a small bending radius that is less than a few centimeters. In this paper ...
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    4. Multi-wavelength source for the lower exposure intensity of spectral OCT

      There have been several technologies to enable high resolution cross-sectional images of biological tissues in optical coherence tomography (OCT) method. Optical frequency comb (OFC) source has been proposed to overcome the crosstalk problem among the CCD detector pixels of the continuous spectrum of light source. Recently, a passive-type OFC is demonstrated simply placing a Fabry-Perot interferometer filter right after the broadband light source, but it shows a high loss of ...
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    5. Endoscopic common-path OCT based on sweeping laser source and curled optical patch cord

      Several technical problems have to be overcome before Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) can be accepted among the established endoscopic imaging modalities. Most of conventional Michelson-based OCT systems need to have two separated paths of the sample and reference arms, which limits the flexibility of endoscopic probe. Recently, common-path interferometer based OCT have been demonstrated to circumvent the mismatch problems of length, polarization, and dispersion between the reference and sample arms ...
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    Jae-Seok Park is with Department of Nanosystem Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea.