1. Institute of Applied Physics

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  2. About Institute of Applied Physics

    Institute of Applied Physics

    Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS) was created by a Decree of the Soviet Government on July 28, 1976. Annually the IAP RAS performs about 350 scientific projects, funded by federal special programs, academic, industry, international and other programs and projects. Among the most prominent achievements of the Institute of Applied Physics RAS are the invention of gyrotrons and gyroklystrons and their upgrading to a high technical level, the development of effective methods to convert and transport powerful electromagnetic radiation, the elaboration of physical principles for excitation and reception of low-frequency sound fields in the ocean and the creation of hardware for hydroacoustics and long-term acoustical monitoring in the ocean, complexes for research of noise radiation characteristics of moving objects, the development of high-rate growth and precision processing of water-soluble crystals, developmet of optical coherent tomography to image biotissue structures and designing an optical tomograph for medical diagnostics of human internal organs  See IAP RAS OCT link HERE.