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    2. Intraperitoneal Virtual Biopsy by Fibered Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) at Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)

      ...display the sigmoid colon along with its mesentery. A commercially available fibered OCT probe (NIRIS system, Imalux) was inserted via a working channel of the gastroscope and used to assess intraperitoneal tissues. Sepa...
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    3. Bacteria Give Stirring Performance

      Bacteria Give Stirring Performance
      Like flocking birds and swarming locusts, swimming bacteria will coordinate their motion when highly concentrated. A team has now developed a technique that can capture a three-dimensional snapshot of the density of these cooperating bacteria inside a thin film of fluid. The results, reported in the September Physical Review E, show the rising and falling of bacterial plumes, which may help to increase the bacteria's access to oxygen. The ...
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    4. Enhanced mixing and spatial instability in concentrated bacterial suspensions

      High-resolution optical coherence tomography is used to study the onset of a large-scale convective motion in free-standing thin films of adjustable thickness containing suspensions of swimming aerobic bacteria. Clear evidence is found that beyond a threshold film thickness there exists a transition from quasi-two-dimensional collective swimming to three-dimensional turbulent behavior. The latter state, qualitatively different from bioconvection in dilute bacterial suspensions, is characterized by enhanced diffusivities of oxygen and bacteria ...
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    5. Optoelectronic probe system with all-optical coupling

      An optoelectronic probe system with all-optical coupling includes an optoelectronic measuring console coupled with an optoelectronic probe via an optical connector. A supplemental optical signal having an operative wavelength other than an operative wavelength of the regular optical part of the optoelectronic measuring console is communicated to the optoelectronic probe along with the output signal from the optoelectronic measuring console. The supplemental optical signal is then selected by a wavelength-division ...
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    6. Common path time domain optical coherence reflectometry/tomography device

      In common path time domain OCT/OCR devices optical radiation from a source is first split into two replicas, which are then delivered to an associated sample by an optical fiber probe. The tip of the optical fiber probe serves as a reference reflector and also serves as a combining element that produces a combination optical radiation by combining an optical radiation returning from the associated sample with a reference ...
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    7. Method for obtaining the image of an object, device for carrying out said method and device for delivering low coherent optical radiation

      The invention relates to studies of internal structures of objects with the aid of optical means. According to the invention an optical system (15) of the delivering device for low coherence optical radiation, in a particular embodiment, an optical fiber probe (8), includes at least two lens components (19), (20), which have a positive focal power and are positioned substantionally confocally. This ensures a constant propagation time for the low ...
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  2. About Imalux


    Imalux.  Endoscopy Systems.  A medical device company on a mission. We’re leading the world in commercialization of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), the breakthrough medical imaging modality used to visualize tissue microstructure in real-time, at the site of patient care. With the Niris Imaging Systems, our first generation OCT solution, Imalux provides physicians an surgeons with valuable tissue-profiling tool to assist in the diagnostics, treatments, and surveillance of disease.

  3. Quotes about Imalux

    1. We are very pleased to have Mike assume the leadership role at Imalux. He has a track record of success in all phases of commercialization of medical technologies on a worldwide basis. In addition to his extensive experience in the health care imaging industry, Mike has an impressive combination of proven entrepreneurial and executive management skills with a diversified background ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Mike is extremely well qualified to direct the Company through our next stages of accelerated growth.
      Bill R. Sanford in Imalux® Names New President/CEO
    2. Following my TREK experience, I was looking at several opportunities for my next venture. As I did my due diligence on Imalux, I was greatly impressed by the strength and commitment of the Imalux team, the Company's proprietary and proven technology, their excellent clinical validation studies, and, importantly, positive feedback from physicians using the Niris system. This combination indicates to me that the Company is well positioned to become a leader in the exciting and expanding OCT imaging market.
      Michael Burke in Imalux® Names New President/CEO
    3. We are very pleased to welcome Jim to Imalux at this exciting time in the Company’s history. One of his primary responsibilities will be our market expansion program for the Niris® Imaging System. Jim is a highly regarded senior executive in the medical diagnostic imaging market place. His extensive market development experience in the successful introduction of new imaging technologies and systems will be invaluable and will contribute greatly to the achievement of our accelerated growth plans.
      Bill R. Sanford in Imalux Names New President and Chief Operating Officer