1. Helen D. Ford

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  2. About Helen D. Ford

    Helen D. Ford

    Helen Ford studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and has an MSc in Applied Optics from Reading University. She started her career in the optical biophysics group at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, studying the structure and gelation properties of biopolymers using laser light scattering. After moving to the Optical Sensors Group (now Department of Engineering Photonics) at Cranfield University, she worked for a PhD in optical-fibre-based wavelength filters and multiplexers. This was followed by a period of post-doctoral research developing optical flow-measurement techniques.

    Helen took a career break when her children were young, returning to Cranfield in 2003 under a Daphne Jackson Fellowship sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering She is now a Research Fellow in the Department of Engineering Photonics, with interests in a number of areas of optical engineering including optical fibre sensing methods, optical flow measurement, laser speckle sensors and low-coherence interferometry including OCT. She has over 60 journal and conference publications.