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  2. About Heidelberg Engineering

    Heidelberg Engineering

    Heidelberg Engineering. Ophthalmology Systems. Heidelberg Engineering has paved the way for quantitative retinal imaging in glaucoma management. The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph was the first instrument of its kind available on the market for the routine glaucoma exam. It follows that Heidelberg Engineering has the longest history and the most experience and knowledge of the subject. The high quality and reproducibility of our products have been proven over time by the accuracy and consistency of glaucoma follow-up exams.
    The reason for this is that Heidelberg Engineering has ensured that there is a solid scientific base to all products.
    The company has always been involved in basic research projects, and our technical knowledge is unsurpassed. Heidelberg Engineering is an extremely innovative company. It is the integrity of research and consistency of approach that enable our products to be used with confidence in the clinical environment. Our track record of product development is exceptional! Look at the development milestones achieved during the past 10 years.

  3. Quotes about Heidelberg Engineering

    1. I am becoming a big fan of spectral-domain OCT, especially Spectralis [Heidelberg Engineering, Vista, Calif.]...To this point with time-domain OCT, I have not been convinced that you can use this technology to follow patients over time. Now, with the faster image acquisition and better axial resolution we see with SD OCT, there is better quantitative peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer measurement for glaucoma management. The improved accuracy of the OCT segmentation allows for better long-term evaluation of patients.
      In Delving into glaucoma
    2. The concept of Heidelberg Engineering has always been to offer system platforms that customers can expand and upgrade with modules as needed, that are flexible and able grow with the organization...Our strategy to offer sustainable solutions has proven to be highly relevant to customers and it makes sense to follow this pathway with HEYEX PACS. Whether you want to integrate into major IT-infrastructures, interface with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, review imaging data from mobile devices or centralize all data; the possibilities will be virtually unlimited. Our goal is to enhance the performance and workflow efficiency of eye care professionals. I am confident that this will translate into better patient care and practice growth.
      In HEYEX PACS™: The Next Generation Image Management and Device Integration Platform