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    2. HS-UK launch Optovue’s innovative DualTrac and Vault Mapping technology in the UK

      HS-UK launch Optovue’s innovative DualTrac and Vault Mapping technology in the UK
      DualTrac Motion Correction is a unique technology which provides motion correction at two levels. It combines video tracking and Motion Correction Technology (MCT) to enable true 3D tracking. The first level provides real-time correction for rapid eye movements, blinking or eye drifting, which improves patient comfort. The second level occurs during post-processing of imaging and corrects smaller levels of motion distortion. This combined approach results in reliable motion correction for ...
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      Beyond Better Clinical Care: Optical Coherence Tomography's Economic Impact
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  2. About Haag-Streit


    Haag-Streit Group is dedicated to developing innovative and competitive products as well as offering first-class customer service. To support this aim, Haag-streit intends to keep core competencies such as Research + Development and Production in-house. In the medium term, Haag-Streit Holding intends to develop a global market approach for the Total Access portfolio. To achieve this, Haag-Streit has defined various missions for the Group as whole, but also for specific business regions.


    Haag-Streit-Surgical.  As a member of the HAAG-STREIT GROUP we dedicate our skills and efforts to designing medical operating microscopes and software by the highest standards and for long-lasting use. Already in 1963 we presented our first microscope. Soon our products reached worldwide recognition for ophthalmic operations, brain and spinal cord surgery, for ENT procedures, plastic-reconstructive application, as well as for dental and maxilla facial operations. Our trendsetting developments originate in intensive exchange of ideas with physicians on the international scene. Their needs and demands provide the guidelines and inspiration for the design of our operating microscopes. Already in 2012 we could introduce an integrated intraoperative OCT. Long-lasting partnerships, confidence, and reliability are both our mission and our obligation. Through dedicated representatives as well as our national sister companies our products are available worldwide and supported by competent service.

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    1. Haag-Streit is happy to partner with Optovue for its leadership in OCT technology and outstanding customer service. Our bundled technologies will create an advanced package that will provide a superior diagnostic tool to the ophthalmic industry.
      In Haag-Streit USA and Optovue Team Up to Introduce Octopus/Optovue Bundle