1. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

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  2. About Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

    Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

    Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. In July 2004 Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust became one of the UK's first NHS Foundation Trusts. Being a Foundation Trust allows us to do things differently from other hospitals, part of the NHS, but capable of making decisions locally.

    Part of this local accountability and one of the most important differences is that the Trust has a Council of Governors, the majority of whom are elected to represent the views of members.

    Through our members and the Council of Governors, we are better able to listen and respond to the views of local people, patients and staff. The Trust has a membership of around 15,000 made up of people living within Gloucestershire, patients treated by the Trust and Trust staff.

    Anyone who lives in Gloucestershire or who lives outside the county but has been a patient within the last three years can become a member. (Please visit the Foundation Members Area for further information)