1. Glannaventa, Inc.

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  2. About Glannaventa, Inc.

    Glannaventa, Inc.

    Glannaventa, Inc. is a Puget Sound-based company developing an out-patient based endoscopic screening technique for early-stage fallopian-tube-origin epithelial ovarian cancer. The majority of high-grade serous ovarian cancer is believed to originate not on the ovary itself, but rather in the distal fallopian tube and fimbriae, with subsequent migration to the ovary and peritoneum. Beyond this point the disease is aggressive and metastatic but largely asymptomatic, and is typically only diagnosed at Stages 3/4 where the 5-year survival rate is around 25%. If the disease could be detected earlier, survival rates could be improved to over 90%. We are developing the GEODE(tm) micro-endoscope to image the carcinogenesis sites in the distal fallopian tube using both structural (OCT) and functional (multi-spectral fluorescence) imaging techniques. The falloposcope is capable of detecting early-stage lesions at a volume size 10 - 50 times smaller than the threshold for detecting a secreted biomarker or the reliable detection limits for TVUS, and should have a profound effect on our ability to detect this "silent killer".