1. Evelyn Regar

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  2. About Evelyn Regar

    Evelyn Regar

    Evelyn Regar is a interventional cardiologist at the ThoraxCenter, Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands.  Dr. Regar did her preclinical studies at the University of Regensburg, Germany, for two years, before training at the Technical University of Munich. From there, she trained in internal medicine and cardiology at the University Hospital, also in Munich. Since 1999, she works as an interventional cardiologist at the Thoraxcenter and has the post of clinical head of the catheter laboratory.


    1. The ILUMIEN system provides me and my colleagues with an easy-to-use, flexible solution that combines OCT and FFR technology on one system... Having these two cutting edge technologies together is a welcome advancement for therapy guidance, allowing me to choose the right tools for each patient situation.
      In St. Jude Medical Announces European Approval of First and Only Combined FFR and OCT System