1. Envision Diagnostics, Inc.

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    2. Optical coherence tomography – reinventing the eye examination

      Optical coherence tomography – reinventing the eye examination
      It has been 25 years since Huang et al. presented the first optical coherence tomography (OCT) images in Science [1]. With vast improvements in OCT technology over the years, it is now possible to acquire high-resolution cross-sectional images of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye within fractions of a second. OCT is sometimes referred to as an optical biopsy, and with the advent of ultrahigh resolution OCT technologies ...
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  2. About Envision Diagnostics, Inc.

    Envision Diagnostics, Inc. is a medical device start-up that is revolutionizing eye care by automating the eye exam. Our device completes the eye exam faster and more efficiently than traditional human-conducted exams and collects high quality data at a fraction of the cost. We’re hiring the best and brightest engineers who want a fascinating job with major growth opportunities and the chance to have an enormous impact on global health care.