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  2. About Eman Namati

    Eman Namati

    Eman Namati, PhD President and CEO Eman Namati brings to NinePoint Medical extensive scientific and technical expertise in the field of medical imaging. Prior to joining NinePoint, Eman was a post-doctoral research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School working with Profs. Gary Tearney and Brett Bouma on the development of Optical Frequency Domain Imaging. He has authored and coauthored over 50 scientific publications, abstracts and book chapters in the fields of signal processing, computed tomography, multi-modal imaging and biomedical optics. In addition, he has numerous patents related to optical imaging technologies. Eman holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering through a dual program with Flinders University Australia and the University of Iowa as an APA(Australian Post-graduate award) and ISATNA(Iowa/South Australian Transnational Alliance) fellowship recipient. He received a double undergraduate degree in Engineering (BE) and Science (BSc) from Flinders University Australia.


    1. I’m so proud of the team here at NinePoint,...Our group over the years has really pushed the limits of engineering innovation to help patients. This past year has been especially fruitful, with the clearance and market launch of a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence technology, and now with the clearance of a pancreatico-biliary application for the Low-Profile Optical Probe. The ability to promote to this new anatomical space really strengthens the platform of the NvisionVLE Imaging System, and continues to build the opportunity for this technology to help patients.
      In NinePoint Medical Announces FDA Clearance for Pancreatic and Biliary Applications of the NvisionVLE® Imaging System
    2. We are very pleased with the outcomes of this study, which are the culmination of hard work by 47 physicians across 18 collaborating hospitals...What is further encouraging is that this study was undertaken without key technological improvements that have since been launched commercially. We anticipate that future studies using the Real-time Targeting laser marking feature and our newly launched artificial intelligence software, Intelligent Real-time Image Segmentation, will improve upon these already very positive results. Working together with our commercial partner, Merit Medical, and many of the leading hospitals in the United States, we are ecstatic that this technology continues to have an important and beneficial impact for patients.
      In NinePoint Medical Announces Publication of 1000 Patient Registry Study
    3. The clearance of the IRIS product marks the successful culmination of a multi-year development effort within our organization, and with the Food and Drug Administration...This product is something we at NinePoint, and our customers, are very excited to bring to market. We pride ourselves in customer responsiveness and innovation, key inputs to this new product. We are eager to roll this out in a controlled-market release in the coming months prior to making the technology more broadly available.
      In NinePoint Medical Announces FDA Clearance of an Artificial Intelligence Software Upgrade for the NvisionVLE Imaging System
    4. I am honored and incredibly excited to take on this leadership role during such a pivotal point in the company’s history and look forward to working with Merit Medical on our new strategic partnership. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Chris for his service to NinePoint and mentorship to me over the past four-years. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a truly talented team with exciting and innovative products in the pipeline. Together, we look forward to continuing our important mission towards early detection of cancer.
      In NinePoint Medical Appoints Eman Namati, Ph.D., to Chief Executive Officer