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  2. About Don Bogue

    Don Bogue

    Don Bogue is the CEO of Compact Imaging Incorporated.


    1. We appreciate Novartis Pharma AG’s commitment to advancing development of a practical device that will enable patients to monitor progression of vision-threatening retinal diseases at home...Home monitoring and rapid reporting of results to treating physicians has the potential to dramatically transform this burdensome patient care model. Most importantly, it will help patients around the world get the full benefit of today’s sight-saving therapies.
      In Compact Imaging Collaborates with Global Pharma to Accelerate Development of Home Monitor for Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy
    2. We believe strongly that our MRO™ sub-dermal fingerprint technology can play a key role in addressing the presentation attack problem by providing an effective deployable solution.
      In Compact Imaging to Demonstrate Sub-dermal Fingerprint for Presentation Attack Detection At GIS2016 in Tampa
    3. In the field of OCT imaging and biometry, size, price and operating power are three critical elements to commercialization in mass market applications...Our MRO system is the first version of OCT with the size, cost and operating power profile to address high volume applications in areas such as mobile personal health monitoring and biometric security.
      In Compact Imaging/NUI Galway Research Featured At Global Photonics Conference in San Francisco
    4. Because of MRO’s ability to noninvasively deliver sub-dermal information and CI’s substantial IP foundation, we expect to play an important role in the field...That will enable us to leverage the contributions of our research collaborations with the Irish Photonic Integration Center (IPIC) for miniaturizing the MRO system and the Tissue Optics and Microcirculation Imaging (TOMI) labs at NUI Galway, where longer term application research is underway.
      In Compact Imaging Co-founder/CTO Will Present at London Biometrics Conference
    5. Compact Imaging’s MRO technology is a highly disruptive system that offers a greater than 100 times reduction in size and cost compared to conventional OCT systems...MRO opens a wide range of new biological and non-biological imaging and analysis applications to OCT’s powerful depth scanning capabilities.
      In Compact Imaging Granted 15th Patent for Miniature, Low-Cost OCT Technology
    6. We believe there will be huge demand for MRO™ sensors in fast-growing markets such as fingerprint device authentication and mobile health monitoring. This collaboration with IPIC comes at a critical time for Compact Imaging as we move our optical sensor technology from the engineering lab to manufacturing. We’re grateful for the support we’re receiving from IPIC, an institution at the forefront of photonics integration technology.
      In Compact Imaging Selected to Partner with Leading Irish Research Center to Further Develop Disruptive Technology
    7. Our miniature OCT architecture, MRO™, can be implemented within the size, cost and power requirements of mobile and wearable devices...These new patents further expand our IP coverage of the space, providing partners and licensees robust protection for the investments they make in bringing products that incorporate MRO™ sensors to market.
      In Compact Imaging Granted Three New Patents for Miniature OCT Technology
    8. Our collaboration with NUI Galway and Professor Leahy’s labs has been critical to demonstrating the principles and potential applications of MRO™’s low cost, small form factor design...We believe that CI’s MRO™-based sensor development is unlocking the world of high value personal biometrics...The collaboration has been very successful...This is just one of several ways in which Ireland, its people, and its institutions, have supported the development of Compact Imaging. With the strong Irish position in medical device design, development, and manufacturing, we expect continued expansion of our presence in Ireland.
      In Leading Irish University Bio-Photonics Laboratory And Compact Imaging Extend Agreement For Innovative Research Collaboration
    9. These new patents are important additions to our IP foundation as we continue our development of sensors that address the need for high value biometrics in fast-growing mobile personal health and fitness monitoring markets.
      In Optical Sensor Company Compact Imaging Gets Three Additional Patents Granted
    10. By embarking on this collaboration with Professor Leahy and the laboratories at National University of Ireland Galway, Compact Imaging gains access to outstanding research capability with a group that has the right scientific expertise and research focus to move MRO well beyond where our startup-level resources would otherwise allow.
      In Silicon Valley imaging outfit forges academic partnership in Ireland