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  2. About DenseLight Semiconductors

    DenseLight Semiconductors

    DenseLight Semiconductors.  Sources (BB & Tunable).  DenseLight owns and operates a state-of-the-art optical components manufacturing facility (including a 15,000 sq ft InP wafer fab), with the ability to design, manufacture, package and test InP-based photonics devices, providing cost-effective volume solutions to telecom and datacom hardware vendors. The Company’s target customers include optical module and subsystem players. The Company’s business is focused on the emerging III-V compound semiconductor sector that serves the micro-photonic industry.  DenseLight has developed photonics technologies that for the first time enable the commercial fabrication of integrated optical subsystems, incorporating a multitude of active and passive components onto a single indium phosphide chip monolithically. The Company's proprietary technologies empower customers with significant competitive advantages in performance, power consumption, footprint, and total cost of ownership.