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  2. About David W. Kolstad

    David W. Kolstad is President and CEO of Gentuity.


    1. The LightLab team is excited to join St. Jude Medical, and we look forward to further strengthening the company's interventional cardiology business with the OCT technology. There is a strong alignment between St. Jude Medical and LightLab both in our product portfolios and our shared vision of improving patient outcomes through solutions which enable physicians to make earlier and more accurate treatment decisions.
      In St. Jude Medical Completes Acquisition of LightLab Imaging
    2. The global market for optical coherence tomography will reach $1.3 billion within five years.
      In New system sharpens the view inside blood vessels
    3. One year after the launch of our C7-XR system at PCR, the results throughout Europe have been outstanding...This has been a tremendous year for LightLab OCT both in Europe and in the United States, with the achievement of our FDA clearance and US introduction earlier this month. We are pleased with our progress toward LightLab OCT becoming the worldwide intracoronary imaging gold-standard.
      In LightLab Imaging Returns to EuroPCR 2010 With Strong and Growing Worldwide Acceptance of C7-XR OCT Imaging System
    4. We are excited to join with a partner who shares our vision of improving patient outcomes and reducing health care costs through solutions which enable physicians to make earlier and more accurate treatment decisions... We believe St. Jude Medical's U.S. and international footprint, along with its existing FFR measurement technology, will accelerate growth for our industry-leading OCT technology. We look forward to joining the St. Jude Medical team.
      In St. Jude Medical to Acquire LightLab Imaging for $90M in Cash
    5. LightLab has been delivering state-of-the art intracoronary OCT systems to leading hospitals outside of the United States for over 5 years...With our clearance by the FDA, U.S. clinicians now have access to a fast and easy-to-use, high-resolution imaging system. We believe C7-XR Imaging System and C7 Dragonfly Imaging Catheter will enhance the diagnostic information and procedural control available to U.S clinicians. We will begin offering the C7-XR Imaging System and the C7 Dragonfly Imaging Catheter immediately.
      In LightLab Imaging Announces FDA Clearance of C7-XR™ Coronary OCT Products in the United States
    6. SCAI is an important show for LightLab and a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the clinical advantages of our products...The C7-XR system has provided clinicians in Europe a significant advancement in imaging speed and clinical data available to them during therapeutic procedures..
      In LightLab Highlights OCT Market Leadership at the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
    7. We are pleased and honored to receive the Prism Award for our C7 XR Imaging System, as this represents an important recognition of this product from a Society representing the top innovators in optics and photonics.
      In LightLab Imaging Receives Prism Award
    8. We are very pleased to bring our most advanced platform, the C7-XR system to GE and LightLab's joint customers. We believe that improving cath lab workflow, as well as the capabilities of these highly complementary imaging technologies, will benefit clinicians, patients and payors alike.
      In GE Healthcare and LightLab Imaging Inc. Collaborate on Cardiovascular Imaging
    9. During 2008, we continued to execute strategies that will further extend our leadership position in the year ahead.
      In LightLab's cardiac OCT progress sets stage for new developments
    10. From all perspectives, LightLab is recognized as the clear global leader in intravascular OCT.
      In Lightlab Imaging Leads Global Advancement of Intracoronary Imaging