1. David L. Wilson

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  2. About David L. Wilson

    David L. Wilson

    David L. Wilson is the Robert Herbold Professor in the Biomedical Engineering department at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Wilson research involves minimally invasive, interventional medical imaging. In one project, cancerous tumors are tumors are treated with MR-guided RF thermal ablation. My research group is developing 3D registration, segmentation, and visualization imaging is high definition TV viewing of moving objects in the body. This quantum-limited image sequence is quite noisy, and spatio-temporal processing by the human visual system is an extremely important step in the imaging chain. Thus, we study new digital image enhancement techniques using experimental and theoretical image perception evaluations. In yet another application of imaging to treatment, we use high-resolution, 3D MR images to estimate biomechanical parameters in the fingers and wrist in order to plan tendon transfer surgery and functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) interventions. Digital image processing can also be applied to nanoscale images, and we are creating techniques using mathematical morphology to improve AFM images of single biomolecules.