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    2. Ultra-small optical probes, imaging optics, and methods for using same

      Ultra-small optical probes comprising a single-mode optical fiber and a lens which has substantially the same diameter as the optical fiber. The optical fiber and lens are positioned in a probe housing which is in the form of an insertional medical device such as a guidewire. Connector elements are provided to facilitate the attachment of the probe to an optical system and the quick disconnection of the probe from the ...
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  2. About David Kelly

    David Kelly is a research and development engineer at LightLab Imaging.


    1. It's been fun to watch it all unfold....The governor being here is kind of like arriving. I feel like we've hit the tipping point and the rocket is finally taking off after so many years of struggling and toiling and praying. It's all paid off and the future is bright
      In Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick sees the Light(Lab)